Warning! Fraudsters have been deceiving victims by misusing Reeracoen name
to have victims work on line and transfer money to bank accounts.

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Warning! Fraudsters have been deceiving victims by misusing Reeracoen name to have victims work on line and transfer money to bank accounts.

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    Candidate Pool

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    Opening Jobs

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    Corporate Partners

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    Successful Placements

*Annual Statistic Report in 2023

  • Is there any service fee in apply job with Reeracoen?

    There is no service fee in apply job with us. Also, we encourage job seeker to experience best recruitment service in Thailand, by provide career advise, job alert, matching for best criteria position from your experiences for free.

  • Will it take time to apply job with Reeracoen?

    Process of applying job wirh Reeracoen is easy, as after finish preparing your resume, you could register in our Reeracoen website, or by office e-mail. Our staff will contact back to you within few days and arrange interview with our consultant to applying job for you.

  • Why we have to interview with Reeracoen Consultant before directly interview with company HR?

    Purpose of pre-screen with Reeracoen Consultant, mainly is to check job seeker interest like desire position and industry, expected salary, location, and reason for change job in order to find best possible match with more than 1000 jobs opening. Consultant would also check key qualification of each job that candidate pass the requirement and start introducing to you. This will save your time for applying job.

  • How could recruitment company benefit us in finding job?

    As Reeracoen gathering open jobs from all leading company in one place, it's benefit job seeker to reduce time of searching job by themselves through our effective matching system, which classified by your interest, range of salary, location, working experience, and qualification of the jobs. Also, make sure that you have enough supportive job and company information before apply to any job. Furthermore, our staff provide assistant on applying your resume and application document to company for you, help you in preparing for interview, negotiation on your needs during offer to make sure you have best chance for your new career.

  • What kind of job we could expected from Reeracoen?

    Reeracoen has more than 4,000 corporate partners from more than 30 business industries. In every year, we have more than 4,000 - 5,000 jobs opening. You could expect to see any kind of job that match your criteria from junior to management level jobs. From 2019 report, top 5 business in Thailand which using Reeracoen recruitment are Manufacturing, Trading company, Logisitic, IT & Telecommunication, and Construction. Also, top 5 job function which we got request the most are Engineering, Business Administration, Sales, Accounting, and IT position.

Need Any Assistance?
Need Any Assistance?
Need Any Assistance?

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