[Important Announcement] Warning! Fraudsters have been deceiving victims by misusing Reeracoen name to have victims work on line and transfer money to bank accounts.

We have recently known that fraudsters have been misusing the name of Reeracoen Recruitment Co., Ltd, and Reeracoen Eastern Seaboard Recruitment Co., Ltd. to misrepresent that they are our companies’ agent and solicit the victims to earn money from an online job by placing online orders in the shopping platforms and deceive the victims to transfer money to their bank accounts causing personal damage to victims and our companies’ reputation.

We would like to inform that our companies including employees have no involvement in these fraudulent conduct. Such conduct constitutes the violation of both of criminal and civil laws, and our company is in the process of taking the legal action against these fraudsters to the end.

Moreover, our companies would like to inform that we have no policy to offer such online jobs nor any employment which requires the candidates to transfer money or purchase any products. Please be advised that our companies have no policy to charge candidates any fees for seeking any jobs from us.

Thus, we would like to inform you to be cautiously aware of the said conduct of the fraudsters and disregard any solicitation or job which requires the candidates to transfer money, and please keep your personal information safety.