About Reeracoen

About Reeracoen
About Reeracoen
Reeracoen Recruitment

Reeracoen Group is the leader of Recruitment consultant agencies as well as the professional HR consultant organization under the head department company of Neo Career located in Japan with 17 branches in 10 countries.

Thus, our company aims to serve the best consulting service to candidates to find dream job and extremely serve the suitable candidates to our client as well.

Our Achievements

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*Annual Statistic Report in 2019

  • How does recruitment service, benefit my company? What is the different?

    Actually, many leading organizations in Thailand consider using recruitment service to find top talent along with their HR team as there won’t be any risk. Because, service fee will only happen among successful employment. Furthermore, size of recruiter team in recruitment firm would benefits company to reduce time, reduce task of HR and increase possibility to meet the right candidate. In addition, it's usual that investment in sources and marketing by recruitment firm will be higher compare to corporate company, in order to reach to variety of top talent in each business field. Also, with the size of candidates pool can assist company when there is a need of replacement in some urgent position.

  • How could we start looking for candidate with Reeracoen?

    You could leave your contact information by both website or with our customer service team by phone. Once we received your details, our recruitment consultant would contact you immediately to get brief of company information, detail, and qualification of the jobs. Also, prepare service agreement for your considered. Once agreement signed by both parties, our consultant will start sending candidate resumes which passed majority of your requirement. Range of candidate salary, skills, age, language skill, experiences or certificate could be specified.

  • What type of industries, job function or level does Reeracoen expertise in?

    By our 200,000 candidates pool size and 77 recruiters team in Bangkok and Chonburi, we could provide recruitment service in almost every business sector and job function from new graduate to management position (executive search). But specifically, Top 5 clients business in Thailand which using our recruitment service would be Manufacturing, Trading, Logistic, IT& Telecommunication, and Construction. On the other hand, jobs in Thailand which we get highest requested would be Engineering Jobs, Business Administration (back office), Sales, Accouting, and IT position. Also, Reeracoen has highest Japanese speaker candidate and Japanese Nationality candidate in Thailand compare with other recruitment service.

  • Will candidate be employee of company, or need to hire pass by Reeracoen?

    Candidate will be hired and start working as company employee, not by Reeracoen.

  • How could we make sure that candidate provide true information about their current salary or working experiences?

    For their current salary, during job offer period, you could request payslip of candidate. Also, doing reference check along with Reeracoen staff that both salary and information in working background of candidate are true.

Are you looking for talented candidates?
Are you looking for talented candidates?
Are you looking for talented candidates?

Our consultants help you to source and shortlist best talents for your business!