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Reeracoen Recruitment Co., Ltd. / Reeracoen Eastern Seaboard Recruitment Co., Ltd.
Terms of Use of Job Seeking, Career Counseling and Support Services, Privacy Policy and Treatment of Personal Information
【Terms of Use of Job Seeking, Career Counseling and Support Services】

In using the services (as defined below) provided by Reeracoen Recruitment Co., Ltd. and Reeracoen Eastern Seaboard Recruitment Co., Ltd (“RCN”), please read and agree the following terms (“Terms”).

1 (Definition)As used in the Terms, the following terms have the respective meanings set forth below.
  1. “Services” collectively means the services which are being provided based on the contents of the application of the User, such as
    1. matching the contents of the application received from the User with the job requirements received from the Company;
    2. providing the job postings and supplementary information on the job;
    3. providing the career advices by the career advisor on the phone or by the interview; and
    4. assisting the application procedures, etc.
  2. “User” means the person who applied for the Services by providing his/her information to RCN as required.
  3. “Company” means the company which outsourced to RCN the recruitment activities of human resources it demands, based on the recruitment contract separately concluded between RCN and the Company.
  4. “Website” means the Internet website concerning the operation and management of RCN (https://www.s-agent.jp/)(https://www.rikei-agent.jp/)(https://www.daini-agent.jp/) (https://shokuhin-shukatsu.com/)(https://kinyu-shukatsu.com/)(https://it-shukatsu.com/) (https://www.stepbaito.com/)(http://agent-neo.com/)(https://www.reeracoen.asia/) (https://www.reeracoen.co.th/)(https://www.reeracoen.co.id/)(https://www.reeracoen.sg/) (https://www.reeracoen.com.ph/)(https://www.reeracoen.com.my/)(https://www.reeracoen.tw/) (https://www.reeracoen.com.vn/)(https://career.abroaders.jp/).
  5. “User’s information” means that all provided information from user to RCN such as user name, address, age, academic information and all user information etc...
2 (Application Procedures)For applying the Services, the User shall follow the application procedures of which RCN has designated in the brochures, advertisements, Website.
Any other application procedures shall not be accepted, and shall be deemed as invalid.
3 (Services)RCN provides all Users the service of matching the contents of the application received from the User with the job requirements received from the Company.
If there is any jobs matched to the User, RCN provides the job information in the form of job postings.
In addition, RCN provides such User the appropriate services, selecting from the following services at RCN’s sole discretion;
  1. providing career counseling on the phone or by the interview,
  2. providing the career advices by the career advisor,
  3. providing supplementary information of the job postings,
  4. assisting the application procedures, and
  5. providing any other services which RCN considers as beneficial to the User’s job seeking and career changing activities.
RCN will not return the resumes and the curriculum vitae, etc.
received from the User in the career counseling or the application procedures.
If the User requested the deletion, RCN deletes it with RCN’s own responsibility.
4 (Guarantee of disclosed information)The User must ensure that following information provided to RCN for the service is true:
  • During the service, all the User’s information is true and correct there is no false information and all the important information to avoid misunderstanding is sufficiently provided;
  • The User is currently and will not be not relating to any organized crime group or any equivalent object (“Anti Social Force“)
  • The User has no relationship with anti social force or any other following situations:
    • Taking advantage of anti social force to obtain illicit profit for self or any other third party or damaging any third party;
    • Providing capital or any advantages to anti social force;
    • Any other improper relationship with anti social force
5 (Period of Services)RCN continues to provide the Services insofar as the occurrence of the job offers that are compatible with the conditions of the User is likely to be continued.
RCN may contact the User for the purpose of ensuring the User’s intention to continue his/her job seeking activities.

When the User requested for the termination of the Services, RCN promptly terminates the Services within a reasonable period.
6 (Change, Suspension or Termination of Services)If there are unavoidable circumstances with regard to the business operation, RCN may change or temporary suspension all or parts of the Services without any notification to the User.
Also, RCN may terminate all or parts of the Services after the notification for a certain period of time.
7 (Termination of Services)RCN may terminate the Services without any prior notification to the User if RCN determined that it has any grounds related to the User as described in the following items.
RCN shall not disclose the basis or the reasons of such determination, nor respond to the questions, etc.
  1. in case the User breached any provisions set forth in the Terms,
  2. in case the User’s information is not sufficient for providing the Services,
  3. in case the User cut off contact with RCN without justifiable reasons after being informed of the commencement of the Services,
  4. in case the User repeated excessive demands which go beyond the scope of the Services,
  5. in case it is found that the User has any relationship with the organized crime groups, its member, entities or its affiliates, or any other Antisocial Forces, or
  6. in case RCN considers that it is impossible to keep the relationship with the User.
8 (User’s Responsibility)The Company and the third party shall provide the information for the Services on its own responsibility.
Upon using the Services, the User shall agree that RCN provides not guarantee for the contents of such information so that the User shall use it on his/her own responsibility.
9 (Personal Information)RCN properly collects, uses, provides and manages personal information of the User pursuant to the “Privacy Policy” and the “Treatment of Personal Information” as separately provided.
10 (Accuracy and Deletion of User’s Information)In case the information of which the User provided to RCN or the Company is not accurate, or in case the Company or the third party has made any objection, demand or request against RCN arising from such defects or inconsistency of the contents, the User shall solve such complaints at its own expense and responsibility, and shall keep RCN out of any trouble.
In case the email address of the User was incorrect and a third party claimed or demanded the deletion thereof, RCN may delete such email address from the User’s Information without prior notice to such User.
11 (Submission of Documents)The User, in case of receiving requests from RCN, shall submit immediately the documents described as follows;
  1. identification documents for specification and confirmation of User’s name, address, etc.
  2. Alien Registration Card or Certificate of Authorization for Employment for the confirmation of User’s status of residence.
  3. any other certifications requested by the Company.
12 (Matching)RCN matches the contents of the application received from the User with the job requirements received from the Company.
However, RCN shall not disclose the standards of the screening or the basis of the determination.
Even after receiving the User’s request for the application to the Company, RCN may check on and determine the goodness of fit of the User to the job on behalf of the Company upon receiving the Company’s request.
13 (Conditions of Work)RCN confirms the general conditions of work such as the nature of the work and the treatments in case of the User joined the Company.
However, the User shall agree that the User shall directly confirm the Company by himself/herself regarding the conditions of work.
on his/her own responsibility before engaging the employment contract with the Company, and that the conditions of work, of which RCN confirmed and notified to the User, shall not be intended to ultimately guarantee the details of such employment contract.
14 (ID and Password)When RCN issued the ID and password concerning the Services, the User shall use and manage them on his/her own responsibility.
In any cases, the User shall neither allow a third party to use, nor transfer, such ID or password.
15 (Prohibitions)The User shall be prohibited from engaging in the following acts;
  1. Providing false or inaccurate information to RCN or the Company,
  2. Interfering with business operation of RCN or the Company or tarnishing the social credibility or reputation of RCN or the Company,
  3. Defaming., slandering or insulting other Users, the Company, RCN, the employees of RCN or the Company and any persons concerned to the business of RCN (hereinafter referred to as the “Parties Concerned”),
  4. Violating any property rights including copyrights, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights, trade secrets, or defaming or infringing the privacy of the Parties Concerned,
  5. Using the information acquired through the Services for duplicating, publishing, and other purposes beyond the Services, or leaking or disclosing to the third party,
  6. Providing the information acquired through the Services for the purpose of making profit,
  7. Making direct contact with the Company introduced through the Services without RCN’s consent, participating in the screening test of the Company or joining the Company,
  8. Absenting from the counseling, the screening or the interview without prior notification, or declining to join the Company after accepting the offer without any justifiable reason,
  9. Any acts in violation of laws and regulations or contrary to public order and morals, or there is any possibility as such.
16 (Statistics Data)RCN may publish statistics data based on the User’s Information e, and use it in the media, etc. of which RCN edits or publishes without any restrictions.
In such case, RCN retains copyrights and all the other property rights related to such information.
The User shall agree that the User may receive any messages from the Company based on the User’s information.
17 (RCN’s Responsibility)
  1. RCN shall not make any warranty that the information, services, etc. which can be acquired through the Services is to satisfy the expectation of the User, and to provide the successful employment or career changing of the User.
  2. In the event of any dispute arising between the User and the Company or any other third party, the User shall settle the dispute between such third party under his/her own responsibility and expenses.
  3. RCN shall not be responsible for any damages suffered by the User concerning the use of the Services (any disadvantages including mental or property damages) except in cases of deliberate or gross negligence by RCN. Should RCN take responsibility, RCN shall assume no liability to compensate indirect damage, special damage, future damage and lost profits.
18 (Force Majeure)In case of delay of the Services or if it becomes difficult or impossible to provide the Services due to the reasons not attributable to RCN such as act of God, network failures, damages caused by the viruses of which the standard anti-virus measures cannot prevent, RCN shall not be held liable in any case whatsoever for any damages suffered by the User.
RCN shall not guarantee that any data relating to the Services shall not be deleted nor modified due to such events.
Therefore, the User shall store such data at his/her own responsibility.
19 (Compensation)In case the User breached the Terms and caused RCN to be involved in any dispute with a third party, the User shall settle the dispute under his/her own responsibility and expenses.

In case the User breached the Terms and caused damages to RCN, the Parties Concerned or a third party, the User shall compensate all such damages.
20 (Change to the TermsRCN may change the contents of the Terms due to the following situations:
  1. Changes of laws or regulation;
  2. For the User’s general benefit
  3. The changes are not violating the purpose of the service, and it is necessary and reasonable to make the changes for provision of other services or businesses.
RCN may post the contents of the Terms after the change on the specific webpage which is linked from the top page of the Website.
If the User continues to use the Services at the time of one (1) month after such posting, such User shall be deemed as agreeing to the changes of the Terms.
21 (Consultation)With respect of any matters which are not provided for in the Terms, the User and RCN will consult with each other in good faith and resolve themselves amicably in accordance with the provisions of Japanese laws and regulations.
22 (Governing Language)The Japanese language shall be the definitive and controlling text of the Terms, notwithstanding the translation of the Terms into any other language.
23 (Jurisdiction)The Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.
The court having jurisdiction over the head office of RCN shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to hear any disputes arising in connection with the Terms.

Last updated: May 1, 2021
Date of Establishment: October, 1, 2019