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Vice President of Finance and Head of FinanceID:62510

80,000 THB ~ 100,000 THBBTS (Silom Line)
  • Job Function

    Taxation, Bookkeeping, Internal Audit, Account Payable, Cost Accounting, Fund / Investment Management, Leasing/Loan/Mortgage/Hire purchase, Risk Management, Other, Other, Analyst/Economist/Strategist, Back/Middle Office, Banking Operation, Inventory Control, Investment Theory/Actuary/Product Development, Credit Control, Accounting Support, Account Receivable, Investment Banking, Financial Statement Closing, Financial Management, Financial Control, Regulatory Compliance

  • Industry


  • Job Description

    1. Accept the assignment from the financial department of the Group, take charge of the financial work of the Thai company comprehensively,
    report the financial management work of the company to the Financial Department of the Group, and put forward reasonable suggestions in
    accordance with local conditions, so as to bridge the communication between the Thai company and the financial department of the Group.
    2. Strictly implement the Financial rules and regulations of the Group and other rules and regulations of the Group, pay attention to the
    changes of relevant policies and do a good job in publicity and implementation.
    3. Timely and accurately provide various reviewed financial statements and analysis reports to the Group.
    4. Put forward reasonable local tax planning to the financial Department of the Group and urged the financial staff to complete tax declaration
    on time.
    5. Timely issue various statements required by external units to ensure accurate, complete and timely financial data. Coordinate the
    relationship between the company and financial institutions and tax authorities.
    6. Reviewed daily fund payment and expense reimbursement. Strictly control off-budget expenses and reimbursement, eliminate wasteful and
    unreasonable expenses.
    7. Monitored the company's fund recovery, rationally arranged the use of funds, and improved the utilization rate of funds. Timely report to the
    general manager, business department and financial Department of the group the bad recovery situation of customers during the over-
    payment period.
    8. Responsible for coordination with other departments of the company and affairs requiring cooperation from the Financial Department.
    9. Complete other related work assigned by the Group.

  • Requirement

    1. Major in accounting, bachelor degree or above
    2. Have relevant accounting qualification certificate, such as CPD, etc
    3. At least 6 years working experience, freight forwarder experience is preferred
    4. Familiar with Thai accounting standards and tax policies, proficient in Thai accounting treatment, with strong financial analysis ability
    5. High sense of responsibility, professional dedication, rigorous work attitude and good professional ethics.

  • English Level

    Level 3 - Business Level

  • Other Language

    Thai, English

  • Working Hour

    09.00 ~ 17.30

  • Holiday

    Sat & Sun

  • Benefit

    - Social insurance
    - Annual Health check
    - Annual Leave 7 days
    - Bonus

This job is closed

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