Assistant Vice President (Dental Clinic)ID:69047

90,000 THB ~ 140,000 THBLat Phraoabout 1 month ago


  • Salary

    90,000 THB ~ 140,000 THB

  • Industry


  • Job Description

    - Prepare and manage company's strategics in order to see the company development and growth as a whole
    - Manage company's budgeting to support all development and new necessary technologies
    - Implement new technology if necessary to support workflow and system
    - Manage all aspects of company's profits and growth, P&L, Human capital
    - Prepare yearly budget and plan to the right direction
    - Be able to coach, support and be a representative of company


  • Requirement

    - BA/MBA in Healthcare, Dental, Engineering or any related fields
    - 8-10 years directed experience in clinical or healthcare, hospital management
    - Great personality with strong leadership type of person
    - Fair English communication skill
    - Energetic and ready to challenge new thing


  • English Level

    Level 3 - Business Level

  • Other Language


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