OEM Sales Manager (Europe and America)รหัส:68902

50,000 THB ~ 60,000 THBSamutprakarnประมาณ 2 เดือน ที่ผ่านมา


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    50,000 THB ~ 60,000 THB

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    【Main Job】
    Sales staff to receive orders for OEM products from overseas companies (mainly in Europe and the U.S.)
    Sales job is looking for OEM products that we can manufacture in our factory on behalf of our customers.

    ①Developing new overseas customers (mainly in Europe and the U.S.)
    We are also involved in sales activities to start new transactions with overseas companies with whom we have potential business relationships.

    ②New product development with existing customers (mainly in Europe and the U.S.)
    We regularly develop new products with existing customers.

    1. Ask or approach existing customers to develop new products
    2. Discuss the design and specifications of new products
    3. Make and submit an estimate
    4. Make samples, ship to customers, receive comments and feedback
    5. Receive official orders for mass-produced products
    6. Directing production to the factory
    7. Progress management
    8. Export to the customer

    ③Handling repeat orders for existing products (mainly in Europe and the U.S.)
    Management of existing products that customers have placed repeat orders for, from order receipt to export.

    Our customers are mainly European and American companies.
    Communication will be via e-mail, SNS, video conferencing, etc.
    Travel to Europe and the U.S. is required for sales activities.
    We participate in furniture exhibitions held in Japan, Europe, and the United States.


  • คุณสมบัติ

    - Male or Female, Thai national, Age:30~40
    - Bachelor’s degree in any related field
    - Interested in Oversea sales
    - Good command of English (Business level)
    - Have the qualities & experience to be a manager.

    - Have experience of Furniture.

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    Level 3 - Business Level

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