Finance and Accounting SupervisorID:63022

35,000 THB ~ 50,000 THBBTS (Silom Line)
  • Job Function

    Internal Audit, Account Payable, Cost Accounting, Inventory Control, Accounting Support, Account Receivable, Financial Statement Closing, Financial Management, Financial Control

  • Industry


  • Job Description

    - Understand and verify of accounting nature, transactions and process
    - Understand and analysis the sale cost accounting and process
    - Prepare and analysis for Cashflow, Budgeting ,Forecast and reporting package
    - Analysis for management over financial statements and its environment.
    - Able to work closely with management team to understand their data needs an d devise relevant solutions.

  • Requirement

    - Male /Female with age around 30-35 years.
    - Bachelor’s degree of Accounting or finance or equivalent
    - 5 years in finance and accounting field
    - Experience of taxes matter such as CIT , VAT, Withholding tax etc.
    - Advantages Familiar to account software program i.e. AS40 , SAP,SSB etc
    - Experience of international accounting field.
    - Good command of English conversation and writing
    - Usable in computer i.e. Excel ,Power point Dashboard, BI etc
    - Abilities Excellence to control emotional under pressure and have a positive can-do attitude
    - Strong communications and interpersonal-skills in a diverse and professional enrolment

  • English Level

    Level 3 - Business Level

  • Other Language


  • Working Hour

    8.30 ~ 17.30

  • Holiday

    - Mon - Fri 8.30-17.30
    - Public Holidays (Thailand)

  • Benefit

    - Social Security Fund
    - Insurance
    - Bonus
    - Annual Leave
    - Others

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