35,000 THB ~ 50,000 THBBTS (Sukhumvit Line), MRT Line5 วัน ที่ผ่านมา


  • รายได้ต่อเดือน

    35,000 THB ~ 50,000 THB

  • ประเภทธุรกิจ


  • รายละเอียด

    - Develop web/system based on user requirement that prepared by System Analyst.
    - Installing and configuring systems both in UAT and Production environment.
    - Troubleshooting and resolving system issues.
    - Collaborating with IT team to resolve issues and ensuring solutions are viable and consistent.
    - Maintaining documentation and records of system configurations and manuals.


  • คุณสมบัติ

    - Bachelors of major related to IT
    - 2-3 years’ experience in IT field
    - Experience in programming
    - Knowledge of Web Programming(Tool: JAVA,C++,Python,Angular)
    - Intermidiate-level written and verbal communication skills in English

    - Basic knowledge of database will be a plus(such as MS-SQL,mySQL,Prostgre,ORACLE etc.)
    - Knowledge of Reporting tool will be a plus (such as MS-Power BI,Cognos etc.)
    - Knowledge of IoT programming will be a plus.
    - Experience in Web Server confirguration on Operating System: Windows Servers or Linux.

  • ความสามารถทางภาษาอังกฤษ

    Level 4 - Conversational Level

  • ความสามารถทางภาษา (อื่นๆ)