Investment AnalystID:65162

50,000 THB ~ 80,000 THBBTS (Silom Line)3 months ago


  • Salary

    50,000 THB ~ 80,000 THB

  • Industry


  • Job Description

    1. Examine and assess economic and market trends, earnings prospects, financial statements and various other indicators and factors to determine suitable investment strategies.
    2. Preparing risk analyses and financial, investment and asset management reports.
    3. Liaise with fund managers and network with industry professionals.
    4. Monitor closely financial press and keep a track of market trends, opportunities, risks and new investment products.
    5. Reviewing policies and making recommendations for potential adjustments.
    6. Researching relevant markets and identifying trends and patterns.
    7. Compile advisory reports and make informed recommendations on new investment opportunities and funds that could enhance or diversify portfolios.
    8. Develop complex financial models and analyses legal documents.
    9. Collaborating with fund advisors, asset management team, company analysts, and senior executives.


  • Requirement

    - Bachelor’s degree in finance, Business Administration, Management Engineering, Economics, or any related field
    - 3+ years of market research, analyst and trading experience
    - Strong knowledge of trading (e.g. Fixed Income, Forex, Commodity, and other similar investments)
    - Good command of English

    ‐ Equity Analysis
    - Solid experience in fundamental and technical research
    - Have experience working in a multinational Company

  • English Level

    Level 3 - Business Level

  • Other Language


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