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Automated Test Software Dev Engineer (Pathum)ID:60993

30,000 THB ~ 100,000 THBPathum Thani
  • Job Function

    Tester, Other, System Engineer, Automation/Robot engineer, Electrical Design Engineer, Circuit Design Engineer

  • Industry


  • Job Description

    - Write in Windows Linux system, based on Labview/ python automation test software.
    - Independently responsible for the research and development of each module of the project software system, software writing and system debugging.
    - Write system technical documents, standardization materials, operation instructions and other related documents.
    - Optimize the existing test system to improve the product test pass rate and test coverage.
    - Introduce new testing technology to improve testing capability.
    - Solve the on‐site use problems of the test system.

  • Requirement

    - Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, electronic information, automation control or electrical control,
    - at least 3 years related work.
    - Proficient in Labview programming and development, familiar with at least one text programming language (C#,C++,python, etc.).
    - Familiar with common test methods and procedures of 3C electronic products
    - Familiar with the common industrial bus interaction mode, familiar with the use of motion control card or motion controller.
    - Understand the basic knowledge of machine vision.
    - Understand digital and analog circuits
    - Strong document‐writing ability, able to independently complete the document‐writing of projects.
    - Serious, responsible, practical and willing to work, good team spirit and innovation spirit.
    - Love software development, product research and development and technology development.

  • English Level

    Level 4 - Conversational Level

  • Other Language


  • Working Hour

    8.00 ~ 17.00

  • Holiday

    Sat - Sun
    Public Holiday

  • Benefit

    - Social security
    - meal supplement
    - transportation subsidy
    - 1-month fixed bonus
    - Performance bonus

This job is closed

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