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List of Engineer(Mechanical) x Rayong x Manufacturing(Automobile) job vacancies in Thailand

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Maintenance Engineer (Japanese Speaking) ID:47562

Job Description - Control maintenance productivity by using monitoring system
- Closely monitor the schedule of production and productivity
- Conduct maintenance activities on site
- Fix problems and failures on machines and facilities
- Other related tasks as assigned
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai nationality, age between 23-30
- Japanese, minimum JLPT N3
- Welcome New Graduates & Fresh Grads (will be trained)
- Good knowledge of welding and electrical field is an advantage
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000THB 〜 28,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Rayong

プラスチック成形技術管理職 ID:29431

Job Description
Required Qualifications
Salary Monthly Salary 90,000THB 〜 90,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Rayong

QA Officer (Rayong) ID:47235

Job Description - Analyze and measure products using 3D model
- Handle internal and external quality issues (QA)
- Summarize quality reports for products
- Assign tasks and support QA and QC section
- Other related tasks as needed
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai nationality, age between 25-40
- Junior college or higher in an engineering field
- Work experience in QA field
Salary Monthly Salary 13,000THB 〜 22,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Rayong

【言語不問】金型メンテナンス技術者(射出成形金型) ID:42964

Job Description 【言語不問】金型メンテナンス技術者

Required Qualifications ・射出成形に利用されている金型のメンテナンス経験のある方
Salary Monthly Salary 60,000THB 〜 80,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Rayong

【自動車部品プレス、溶接加工業】日系工場長募集! ID:47401

Job Description 【自動車部品プレス、溶接加工業】日系企業長募集!
・工場内約330名のマネジメント (夜勤オペレータも合わせると500名)
Required Qualifications ・プレス・スポット溶接・成形機の設備・生産性UP及び問題解決能力
Salary Monthly Salary 100,000THB 〜 200,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Rayong

Plastic Injection Supervisor ID:47222

Job Description - Control and manage production site (plastic injection process)
- Control injection process by managing operators
- Supervise and manage 6-7 subordinate officers
- Adjust the conditions of mold
- Report to Thai Production Manager
- Other related tasks as needed
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai nationality, age between 25-35
- Work experience in plastic injection
- Work experience in a supervisor level is an advantage
Salary Monthly Salary 30,000THB 〜 45,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Rayong

SQE Engineer (Rayong) ID:47187

Job Description - Responsible for the management of all suppliers, raw materials, incoming process, etc.
Required Qualifications - Male, Thai nationality, age between 22-30
- Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Materials Engineering, or a related field
- Understanding of automotive quality systems (with suppliers), e.g. PPAP, APQA, TS16949, etc.
Salary Monthly Salary 18,000THB 〜 23,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Rayong

ハーネスという成長業界でのお仕事】ハーネス部門現場マネージャー ID:45089

Job Description 【ハーネスという成長業界でのお仕事】ハーネス部門現場マネージャー

Required Qualifications ・製造業にてマネジメント経験のある方
Salary Monthly Salary 70,000THB 〜 100,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Rayong

【語学不問】切削加工エンジニア ID:46059

Job Description 自動旋盤による金属加工をしていただきます。
Required Qualifications 語学不問!!コミュニケーション能力の高い方を募集!!
Salary Monthly Salary 70,000THB 〜 100,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Rayong

Senior Project Engineer Manager (Japanese Speaking) ID:46599

Job Description - Responsible for engineering project as a senior manager
- Control process (from new model until finished goods)
- Conduct testing on new model and set up schedule plan
- Coordinate with Japanese staff of Design Department from Headquarter in Japan
- Coordinate with team members (Thai staff) for project implementation
- Responsible for document control and perform other related tasks
Required Qualifications - Male, Thai national, age between 32-38
- Work experience, 3-5 years, as a project engineer
- Work experience in handling new project and its process
- Work experience in AutoCAD operation is preferable (if any)
- Background in automotive business (safety parts)
- Skills in PPAP, AutoCAD and/or trial of new model
- Japanese, minimum JLPT N3
Salary Monthly Salary 50,000THB 〜 100,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Rayong

Production Supervisor ID:41611

Job Description - Production Supervisor (inspection)
- Control production process
- Control production line
- Control production team
- Supervise 30-40 subordinates

NOTE: This position is new
Required Qualifications - Male, age between 30-36 years old
- Bachelor Degree in Engineer or related field
- (Advantage) 2-3 years working experience in QC/QA, line production, and production leader

วุฒิ ปวส. ทุกสาขา หรือ วุฒิ ปริญญาตรี ทุกสาขา
มีประสบการณ์การเป็นหัวหน้างานอย่างน้อย 2-3 ปี
มีประสบการณ์ด้านฝ่ายผลิตและ QC อย่างน้อย 4 ปี
มีภาวะความเป็นผู้นำ ทัศนะคติเชิงบวก มีทักษะด้านการบริหารจัดการ และสามารถแก้ไขปัญหาเฉพาะหน้าได้ดี
Salary Monthly Salary 30,000THB 〜 35,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Rayong

Industrial Engineer ID:42885

Job Description - Conduct research, design and develop manufacturing processes including production flow, assembly methods and production equipment
- Prepare and maintain detailed layouts of buildings and equipment
- Create manpower plans based on volume forecasts for new programs
- Provide input to product design based on manufacturing design or design for assembly philosophy
- Design, develop and test and/or source and cost-justify various tools, machinery and equipment for recommended manufacturing methods
- Perform analysis on product/process for cost reduction, quality improvement and efficiency improvement
- Develop and maintain records in documents such as downtime, scrap and efficiencies
- Utilize data such as downtime, scrap, efficiencies, etc. to plan and strategize countermeasures for equipment and process problems
- Lead or participate in Kaizen activities to ensure continuous improvement in processes, products, components, raw materials and equipment
- Propose optimum production plan and operation from the results of work analysis and cycle time measurement of production line (automatic and/or manual line)
- Calculate ST (Standard Time) of the new program based on process planning sheet and propose an improvement plan to optimize production time
- Establish annual total man and hours reduction plan, analyse actual results and review meeting
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 25-32
- Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or related field
- Work experience in industrial engineering or related field for one year
Salary Monthly Salary 25,000THB 〜 32,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Rayong

Sale Representative (Japanese Speaking) ID:45729

Job Description - Work under Sales Department and will receive training from Japanese manager (from zero level)
- Visit clients and provide customer service
- Identify clients' needs and suggest solutions
- Support the production control
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 23-30
- Bachelor's Degree in related field
- More than one year's work experience
- Ability to communicate in Japanese language
- Excellent interpersonal and problem-solving skills
- Ability to work under pressure
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000THB 〜 28,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Rayong

Cost Accounting ID:45047

Job Description - Responsible for cost accounting to support marketing division
- Cooperate with marketing team to support customers
- Analyse data (cost of raw materials, purchase, inventory, labour and etc.)
- Analyse the actual cost of manufacturing
- Prepare periodic reports to management executives
- Other related tasks as needed
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 28-35
- Work experience in costing
- Good knowledge of manufacturing field
- Ability to communicate in English (to correspond with customers)
Salary Monthly Salary 30,000THB 〜 40,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Rayong

Production Coordinator (Manager) - Urgently Required! ID:45067

Job Description - Coordinate with personnel from operations and maintenance areas to comply with established production programs and their corresponding tracking
- Guarantee product’s quality by using the established quality system
- Maintain the cleanness and order of facilities and control production processes to prevent environmental pollution
- Responsible for physical integrity of our personnel by adjusting unsafe acts and conditions
- Establish effective communication processes by using established means and tools and encourage QWL culture in operative areas
- Determine human development strategy towards the development of our personnel
- Operate in a productive way by attempt to optimize resources and improve the processes
- Lead the daily operative meeting in order to establish priorities and comply with the customers' requirements
Required Qualifications - Male, Thai national, age between 33-40
- Graduated in Industrial and Systems Engineering, Industrial Administration Engineering or Mechanical Engineering
- Experience in manufacturing, quality or logistics field
Salary Monthly Salary 65,000THB 〜 75,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Rayong

Process Engineer/Technical Service Staff ID:44734

Job Description - Design the rubber mixing (Banbury)
- Design the die and tubing process (Tubing)
- Design the curing and lamination process (Curing)
- Design the process (Calendaring)
- Design the tire assembling process (Tire Room)
- Improve FC and direct materials
- Improve the quality of tire
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 25-30
- Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering
- Minimum 3 years’ experience in Process Engineering
- Good computer literacy (OA operation, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
- Good command of spoken and written English
- Working experience in Japanese related or multi-national or manufacturing company is preferable
- Able to work in Amata City Industrial Estate, Rayong
Salary Monthly Salary 27,000THB 〜 35,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Rayong

BOI Officer ID:45679

Job Description - Coordinate with BOI officers for BOI issues
- Prepare necessary document for importing raw materials
- Prepare necessary BOI documents for processing shipment (import and export)
- Prepare necessary documents for spare parts for shipment (import and export)
- Work closely with the customs for processing duty refund
- Other related tasks as needed
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 25-30
- Bachelor's Degree in Logistics or related field
- At least 2-5 years' experience in logistics field or relevant work experience
- Knowledge of import and export documentation
- Understanding of BOI procedures and regulations
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000THB 〜 30,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Rayong

Marketing Engineer ID:45046

Job Description - Initiate ideas for market/product/business opportunities
- Provide pre-sales technical assistance and product education
- Conduct MTG with internal departments
- Work on after-sales service support
- Provide technical backup as required
- Analyse costs and sales information
- Cooperate closely with customers
- Other related tasks as needed
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 28-30
- Experience as marketing officer in automotive manufacturer
- Experience in steel products
- Good command of English
Salary Monthly Salary 30,000THB 〜 45,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Rayong

Engineer Trainee ID:36246

Job Description The Engineer Trainee will undergo a development program incorporating hands-on training, project assignments and instructor-led training.

The Engineer Trainee will be equipped with design & develop products training to continually improve the capability of production, efficient technology and etc. from Japanese executives & management.

Advanced development approaches based on performance are designed to provide participants the in-depth competencies development, job rotations, of which are your passport to a successful career with us.
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 20-30
- Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Engineering
- Newly graduated candidates are warmly welcome
- More than 0-2 year's working experience (for non fresh grads)
- (advantage) Graduated from Japan or previously worked in Japan
- Good command of English & Japanese and Computer Literacy
- Project management skills and capability of working under pressure
- Enjoy challenging assignments and able to execute workloads within agreed timeline
- Others; innovative; smart and positive attitude; can-do attitude
Salary Monthly Salary 30,000THB 〜 60,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Rayong

Safety Officer ID:43324

Job Description - Control environment of systems & legal
- Apply safety standard to company working procedure by providing instruction and supporting documents
- Explain global standard to each section of company
- Create education & training for employees
- Prepare & maintain recording support to Head Company as required
Required Qualifications - Bachelor's Degree in Safety and Environmental Health
- 0-2 year background in safety of manufacturing firms
Salary Monthly Salary 18,000THB 〜 22,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Rayong

All20 (1〜20 )