General Practitioner cum Clinic ManagerID:67689

150,000 THB ~ 200,000 THBBTS (Sukhumvit Line)17 days ago


  • Salary

    150,000 THB ~ 200,000 THB

  • Industry


  • Job Description

    A qualified medical practitioner with a current practicing license who provides care to the sick and injured patients, with such care standards in accordance with the Company’s philosophy and polices, and in compliant with the regulations and laws according to the Ministry of Health, Thailand (MOH). The Employee may also be assigned to other positions and/or be entrusted with additional responsibilities during the Term. Such modifications shall take effect from the date the Company notifies the Employee of such changes.
    For the purpose of clinic license application, the Employee agrees that the Company will use the Employee details including providing necessary documents related with the Employee as required by MOH. The Employee agrees to provide all the necessary information for MOH and agrees to physically present during clinic MOH inspection for license approval procedure. In addition, the Employee agrees to support all necessary preparation for the clinic license application.

    Duties and Responsibilities and Reporting Line
    1. All medical care typical and standard of patients consulting a general practitioner in Thailand clinics.
    2. Reporting Line:
    The Employee shall report directly to the Chief Executive Officer and the Board or such other designated officer of the Company as may from time to time be notified to the Employee.

    1. Provide clinic consultations to patients seeking medical care with the Company;
    2. Provide care to the sick and injured as well as promoting health to all categories of patients who may be suffering from medical conditions, diseases and injuries typically consulting general practitioners in general practice in Thailand.
    3. Perform health assessment, obtain comprehensive information and medical history from patients, perform a thorough physical examination and conduct a focused assessment for follow up cases.
    4. Run diagnostic tests including blood tests, point of care testing, and ultrasound examination.
    5. Analyse findings and inform patient of present condition, diagnosis /or tentative diagnosis.
    6. Explain the plan of treatment and care and preparing reports for patients.
    7. Order treatment and prescribe medications according to clinic treatment guidelines and of the highest standards of Thailand doctors.
    8. Advise patients concerning diet, hygiene, methods for prevention of diseases including lifestyle changes if necessary.
    9. Document information accurately in clinic system using SOAP standard.
    10. Perform procedures, minor surgeries and treatment according to the Employee’s authorised and experienced scope of practice.


  • Requirement

    - Female / Age 30-45
    - Have Doctor license
    - Have work experience in a hospital.
    - Can work as General Practice Doctor
    (General internal medicine,General surgery, Pediatric surgery etc..)
    - Can culture fit

  • English Level

    Level 3 - Business Level

  • Other Language


Additional Information

  • Benefit

    - Annual Leave
    - Medical Leave
    - Medical Insurance
    - Provident Fund

  • Working Hour

    9:00 ~ 18:00

  • Holiday

    - 8 days off per month, Public Holidays will be added to the monthly off days

  • Job Function