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List of Software/Information Processing job vacancies in Thailand

Conditions in searching
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Programmer ID:42224

Job Description - Program Development (to introduce the system to clients, programming, to deliver the system, and follow-up)
- Delivery to Customers at Bangkok
- Required skills; JAVA (must), Oracle (must) ,JAVA script (must), HTML (must), Struts2(preferably)
- Knowledge of Linux, Apache, or Tomcat is an ADVANTAGE
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 28-35
- Previous experience as a programmer
- Self-motivated
Salary Monthly Salary 35,000THB 〜 50,000THB
Location Thailand,Bangkok ALL,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Silom (Bangkok),Sathorn - Lumpini (Bangkok),Location

Translator (Japanese Language) ID:42995

Job Description - Translate documents and manuals (JPN-ENG or JPN-TH)
- Arrange manuals or presentation for technician and JP staff
- Interpret language for the meeting between JP staff, TH staff and customers
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 25-35
- Bachelor's Degree, majoring in Japanese language or related field
- Minimum 1-3 years of experience in translation
- Good command of English
- Soft skills; good personality and human relations, and ability to work as a team and to coordinate with other departments
Salary Monthly Salary 30,000THB 〜 50,000THB
Location Thailand,Silom (Bangkok),Location

Sales Drone Product ID:42039

Job Description - Searching for new clients who could benefit from your products in a designated region
- Selling company Drone product
- Searching for new clients who could benefit from your products in a designated region
- Travelling to visit potential clients
- Establishing new, and maintaining existing, relationships with customers
- Negotiating and closing sales by agreeing terms and conditions
- Providing pre-sales technical assistance and product education
- Solving client problems
Required Qualifications -Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical, Electronic, Computer Science
-Male not over 35 years old
-Need knowledge of Drone and GPS, UAB.
-Salary is negotiable
-Fair in both spoken and written English is essential
-Own car and driving license.
-Good interpersonal, Service-minded
-Able to travel out of Bangkok and abroad
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000THB 〜 50,000THB
Location Thailand,Bangkok ALL,Location

Programmer ID:32333

Job Description - Develop application according to project and business requirement
- Develop and maintain software on Microsoft
- Develop and execute activities related to end-to-end
- Ensure code is fully commented
- Receive feedback about software system
- Support existing users
- Communicate closely with Japanese Manager
- Delivery of System
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 25-35
- Experience in application Development
- (Advantage) JLPT N3~
- Minimum 2-3 years' experience as programmer
- Able to use C language, C++, C#
Salary Monthly Salary 25,000THB 〜 50,000THB
Location Thailand,Bangkok ALL,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

Programmer (PHP or RUBY) ID:43637

Job Description - Create website using PHP or RUBY
- Understand requirements from Japanese staff and change program
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 25-45
- Proficient in using PHP or RUBY
- Working experience in creating websites (news or sales) is PREFERRED
- Good command of English (to communicate with Japanese staff)
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000THB 〜 35,000THB
Location Thailand,Bangkok ALL,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

Software Engineer ID:43621

Job Description - Prepare user manual and train users
- Responsible for receiving user system requirements
- Design and develop any necessary programs to ensure the program is tested and work effectively
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age under 30
- Bachelor's Degree or higher in Computer Science, Information Technology, CIS, MIS or any related field
- Hands-on programming experience and proven knowledge of JAVA, JSP/JSF, JavaBean, Servlet, J2EE, AJAX, C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, PHP, and/or Crystal Report

- Experience in program development using Java, Microsoft, or PHP development tools in application development/implementations; jQuery, JavaScript, Oracle, JDeveloper, Oracle Applications Development Frameworks (OAF, ADF), and/or WebLogic
- Experience in Database Programming on SQL Server and/or Oracle

- Knowledge of ERP & CRM applications would be an ADVANTAGE
- Certifications of Java, Microsoft, and/or Oracle would be an ADVANTAGE
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000THB 〜 35,000THB
Location Thailand,Sathorn - Lumpini (Bangkok),Location

Digital Innovation Officer ID:43622

Job Description - Plan, implement and analyse the success of assigned projects
- Design and develop Digital Insurance Platform (suitable for products and service)
- Provide service that meets customer's demand and maintain good relationship with customers
- Implement Artificial Intelligence in planning to develop the aggressive marketing strategies and to support the target achievement (and for company's success)
- Create content format to use in online communication platform (Facebook, etc.)
- Contact and coordinate with relevant departments both internally and externally to develop various kinds of Develop Tools
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 25-30
- Bachelor's Degree
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000THB 〜 35,000THB
Location Thailand,Sathorn - Lumpini (Bangkok),Location


Job Description - Handle specific Sales Outbound projects
- Cooperate with other Managers in the projects of the same clients
- Regularly update sales targets and accomplish
- Conduct communication with the related parties and individuals
Required Qualifications - Male or Female (preferable), Thai national, age around 30
- Experience as a Call Center Manager
- Experience in Insurance business
- Business English communication skills
Salary Monthly Salary 50,000THB 〜 60,000THB
Location Thailand,Bangkok ALL,Location

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) ID:43600

Job Description - Set the company's direction with Senior Managing Directors to drive business strategy to establish the competitiveness in the market and to achieve high profits
- Drive to achieve the sales goal and positive product awareness by implementing marketing technology and modern trade and strive to obtain the highest market shares against the competitors
- Act as the leader and supervise the team to support cooperation in distributing products and in increasing customer base
- Work closely with the management executives and related parties to improve the efficiency of operation
- Formulate the business plan and distribute the authorization of management, and budget for the business operation and the annual expense (and with profits), and report to the Committee (progress, budget, profit, etc.)
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 40-55
- Master's Degree in Business Management or in related field
- Minimum 10 years' experience in trading business and in introducing new solutions to penetrate the market and meet
new clients from large organisations
- Skills in sales marketing, team management and human development
- Strong analytical skills in interpreting information to monitor the business trend
- Good command of English
- Pleasant personality with confidence (to be the Representative of the Organisation)
Salary Monthly Salary 100,000THB 〜 200,000THB
Location Thailand,Bangkok ALL,Location

【新卒歓迎】コーディネーター ID:42706

Job Description 国内外からのお客様からの問い合わせ対応をご担当頂きます
• お客様、ベンダーとのメール、お電話での対応
• 補佐、コーディネート業務(正確な情報提供)
• 資料作成、翻訳業務等
• 与えられた仕事を完結させ、期日内に上司へレポートする
• 企業の製品サービスへの理解を深め、アップデート

Required Qualifications • 22歳から30歳、日本国籍、大卒以上(新卒可能)
• ビジネスレベルの英語
• Word, Excel, and Power Point使用できる方
• 新しいシステムやアプリケーションを学ぶ意欲のある方
• 高いコミュニケーションスキル、チーム下でタフな環境で働ける方
Salary Monthly Salary 50,000THB 〜 70,000THB
Location Thailand,Sathorn - Lumpini (Bangkok),Location

System Engineer (Application Support) ID:43018

Job Description - Troubleshoot system issue and create incident report
- Follow up by coordinating with customer and support team
- Focus on SQL (write SQL and good knowledge of using SQL is required)
- Analyse customer business/requirement/scope of work.
- Responsible for implementing and supporting software application
- Coordinate and support related parties for any problem or request
- Knowledge of website and database programming, and application development
- Support web and mobile application deployment
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 23-30
- (Required) Minimum 1 year's working experience in related field
- Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology/Computer Engineering, or related fields

- Knowledge of helpdesk and system administration tools usage, end-user service
- Knowledge of Database programming and Software development is PREFERRED
- Experience in formal Software Development Life Cycle
- Knowledge of Database; MS SQL Server or Oracle
- Programming skills; ASP.NET, C#, web service, mobile development (Java, Object C) is a PLUS
- Office Tools; MS Office/Excel/Words/Project/Access/PowerPoint
- Fluent in English (Japanese is a PLUS)

- Good interpersonal skills, mature, hard-working attitude, self-initiative, enthusiastic, and service mind
- Able to handle multiple tasks at once and work well under pressure
- Flexible in working time and willing to work after office hours or holidays IF REQUIRED
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000 〜 50,000
Location Thailand,Sathorn - Lumpini (Bangkok),Location

【IT業界経験者歓迎】営業 ID:43039

Job Description 【業界経験者歓迎!英語使える日本人募集!】

Required Qualifications *男女不問 (女性歓迎)
Salary Monthly Salary 60,000THB 〜 80,000THB
Location Thailand,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

営業サポート【英語力必須】 ID:43037

Job Description 【ビジネス英語の上級者!急募】
Required Qualifications *男女不問 (女性歓迎)
Salary Monthly Salary 60,000THB 〜 80,000THB
Location Thailand,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

定時退社可能!プロジェクトマネージャー ID:30821

Job Description ・担当プロジェクトの専属マネージャーとしてプロジェクトの管理・運営業務
Required Qualifications ■幅広いシステム開発経験がある方

Salary Monthly Salary 75,000THB 〜 150,000THB
Location Thailand,Silom (Bangkok),Location

【次世代に知識・経験を伝授するMESスペシャリスト!(製造管理システム/製造工程システム)導入・提案経験を大いに活かせます!】MESスペシャリスト職/ CSI GROUP ID:39550

Job Description 【MISSION】



【CSI Groupについて】
CSI Groupは、1991年1月に設立されたタイの独立系IT企業です。 主にタイ進出の日系企業に対しさまざまな業務アプリケーションの受託開発や、お客様所有システムの開発支援などを手掛けています。





Required Qualifications 【即戦力求む!MES提案・導入経験が豊富にある方を高待遇で採用!】




Salary Monthly Salary 60,000THB 〜 150,000THB
Location Thailand,Bangkok ALL,Silom (Bangkok),Location

タイに設立して24年! 業界未経験OKのシステム営業【業界未経験歓迎】 ID:35080

Job Description *日系企業向けITソリューションの営業活動(新規開拓70%・既存顧客30%)
Required Qualifications ■業界未経験OK
Salary Monthly Salary 50,000THB 〜 80,000THB
Location Thailand,Bangkok ALL,Silom (Bangkok),Location

タイに設立して24年! システム開発 プロジェクトマネージメントオフィス ID:41887

Job Description ・システム開発プロジェクトにおける進捗や課題の収集・分析・報告
・プロジェクトマネージャー(PM 職)とのスムーズな連携/サポート/アシスト業務
Required Qualifications *女性
1. システム開発プロジェクトの PMO 経験のある方
2. タイ語をビジネスレベル(タイ語だけで業務ができるレベル)で扱える方
3. 日本 PMO 協会の「NPMO 認定 PJM-A 資格」または、「NPMO 認定 PMO-S 資格」
Salary Monthly Salary 70,000THB 〜 150,000THB
Location Thailand,Bangkok ALL,Silom (Bangkok),Location

Sales system construction (BTS Phloen Chit) ID:19693

Job Description - Sell made-to-order application system to new customers (Japanese companies in Thailand)
- Sell ERP system to new customers (Japanese companies in Thailand)
- Handle existing customers with good service mind (visit and receive their new requests to improve the current system)
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 28-35
- Bachelor's Degree in any field
- Able to read/write and speak business conversation in English
- More than 2 years' experience working in a Japanese IT company as a sales staff

- Capable of multitasking and prioritizing tasks
- Good communication skills
- Good team member with service mind to help people
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000THB 〜 30,000THB
Location Thailand,Bangkok ALL,Location


Job Description - Manage and monitor security infrastructure devices i.e. Firewall, IPS, Log Management, Web Security, Data Loss Prevention, Policy and Risk treatment
- Design, develop, implement, and improve Information Security Management System to comply with ISO27001, PCI-DSS and/or other IT International Standards
- Analyze IT specifications to assess security risks
- Design and implement safety measures and data recovery plans
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 23-35
- Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Computer Science, Computer Information System, Computer Engineering, or related fields
- Minimum 2-3 years of experience in Information Security or similar jobs
- Strong knowledge in Information Security (system, network and application security)
- Good technical skills in operating systems, networking, database management systems and security systems such as firewalls, IPS, IDS, and log management system
- Professional certifications such as CISSP, GIAC, EC-Council, Security+ is an ADVANTAGE
- Knowledge of ISO 27001, PCI-DSS international standard is an ADVANTAGE

- Experience in General Insurance business is a PLUS
- Strong communication, presentation and negotiation skills
- High responsibility, analytical mind, and able to work independently
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000THB 〜 28,000THB
Location Thailand,Sathorn - Lumpini (Bangkok),Location

Sales IT (Systems & Solution) ID:40942

Job Description - Responsible for IT solutions and equipment including systems network and security
- Increase sales and gross profits by establishing new customers and expand business
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 23-35
- Bachelor's Degree in any related field
- 2-3 years' experience in sales
- Able to communicate in English
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000THB 〜 30,000THB
Location Thailand,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

All80 (1〜20 )