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List of Medical/Welfare x Rayong job vacancies in Thailand

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Environmental health and safety Section Manager ID:42306

Job Description Planning
Develop operational EH&S plans (budgets, expenses, costs, manpower, work process) for overall EH&S operation including procedures and services IN ORDER TO maintain effective practices and conform to organizational policies, procedures , EH&S laws and other regulations.
- Objective Setting and Performance management
In conjunction with superior to set core objective / target by EH&S Section and deploy to drive a robust performance management system and process IN ORDER TO align with Division objectives and increase EH&S performance.
- Policy and Procedure
Deploy EH&S policies IN ORDER TO ensure that the systems are in line with the objectives of the company, laws and other regulations.
- Zero Accident Capability program
Develop action plans IN ORDER TO align with the ZAC program including proactively analyze the root causes & learning from the near miss / first aid report and get the concerns addressed.
- Compliance EH&S laws and other requirements
Control and evaluate the effectiveness of compliance tasks action closure and follow up on missed compliance tasks to ensure that MHM facility compliance with the EH&S laws and other requirements including compliance system is in place.
- Health check up & Industrial Hygiene management
Control and review countermeasure of Health check up & Industrial Hygiene management IN ORDER TO align with the EH&S laws and other requirements.
- Corporate EH&S audit (External & Internal)
Coordinate and follow up countermeasures for EH&S audit (MCI SHE, ZAC, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001, EH&S Patrol) including corrective actions addressing EH&S system deficiencies to ensure actions are appropriate & completed on time.
- Security control
Set up operational security management plans and control security management system to ensure that MHM entire facility is in a strict security control by guardsmen IN ORDER TO make MHM a safe place.
- EH&S Training
Review the functional training needs taken into account the company's resources IN ORDER TO improve the awareness and practical EH&S know-how.
Required Qualifications - Bonus (depends on individual
- Provident fund
- Transportation support (Rayong-BigC/Central, Bangsaen, Siracha)
- Company car
Salary Monthly Salary 40,000 〜 60,000
Location Thailand,Location,Rayong

All1 (1〜1 )