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【社用車貸与あり!アマタナコーンのリース会社】営業マネージャー ID:45754

Job Description 【アマタナコーンのリース会社で営業マネージャーを募集しています!!】

Required Qualifications * 性別不問
* 30〜40歳まで / 男女不問
* 営業経験5年必須
* 金融、リースの業界が望ましい。
* コミュニケーションレベルのタイ語と英語必須(タイ人サポートが付くため)
* タイ国運転免許 (未取得の方は取得して頂きます)
Salary Monthly Salary 80,000THB 〜 150,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Chonburi ALL,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

Q.A. Engineer for New Model (Amatanakorn) ID:41105

Job Description - Responsible for Quality Assurance (Q.A.) for new model
- Ensure that products meet the quality requirements
- Generate necessary documents (for quality of products)
- Report to Manager
- Other related tasks as assigned
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 24-35
- Bachelor's Degree (or higher) in Mechanical, Machine Tools or related field
- Minimum 2-5 years' experience in Quality Assurance (Q.A.) in automotive industry
- Strong knowledge of APQP
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000THB 〜 30,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

Maintenance Supervisor (Work in Laos) ID:45509

Job Description - Support maintenance team on machine problems
- Support team on preventive maintenance, implementation and calibration works
- Provide technical experience in solving machine problems
- Advise necessary spare parts and optimum quantity to be stocked on site
- Receive training and work in Thailand for one year and move to perform duties in Laos
Required Qualifications - Male, Thai national, age between 26-40
- Experience in facility maintenance
- Prefer experience in wire processing
- Able to work in Laos in the future
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000THB 〜 25,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Chonburi ALL,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

Japanese Interpreter (Amatanakorn) ID:29699

Job Description - Responsible for supporting Japanese manager by performing language interpretation
- Liaise with (and between) Thai staff and Japanese manager
- Interpret languages (Japanese and Thai) during meetings, in the office and on the production line
- Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor and manager
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 25-35
- Bachelor's Degree or higher in related field
- More than one year's experience in this field
- JLPT N3, equivalent or higher
Salary Monthly Salary 35,000THB 〜 45,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

Sales Engineer (Japanese Speaking) ID:45841

Job Description - Sell company's machinery products
- Visit clients and introduce company's products
- Follow up with existing clients
- Other related tasks as related
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 30-40
- Work experience in the sales of machine
- Good command of Japanese
- Good command of English
Salary Monthly Salary 35,000THB 〜 50,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Chonburi ALL,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

Sales Staff ID:45920

Job Description - Provide support to overseas customers
- Support quotations for Asian Group
Required Qualifications - Female, Filipino national, age between 30-40
- Bachelor's Degree in any field
- Good command of English
Salary Monthly Salary 35,000THB 〜 45,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

QC or Inspection Staff (Amata Nakorn) ID:43951

Job Description - Responsible for Quality Assurance (Q.A.)
- Respond to external and internal parties for quality issues
- Analyse problems in quality and provide solutions for improvement
- Other related tasks as assigned
Required Qualifications - Female, Thai national, age between 25-33
- More than 2 years' experience in related functions
- Work experience in automotive parts will be an advantage
- Skills in using CMM, Vernier, High Gauge and/or micrometre measuring tools
- Good knowledge of ISO9001, ISO14001 and TS16949
- Computer literacy in Microsoft Office Suites
- Good understanding of drawings
- Good Command of English
Salary Monthly Salary 17,000THB 〜 23,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Chonburi ALL,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

HRD Department Manager ID:45967

Job Description - Consult with management and other leadership to identify appropriate learning and OD programs to support business goals
- Create and implement programs that connect employees with business goals
- Identify and evaluate business initiatives to ascertain appropriate programs that meet company goals
- Identify data collection tools, data sources, benchmarks and performance targets
- Support talent assessment, provide coaching sessions and analysis/development of talent management systems, succession planning and processes relating to performance management, career planning, business continuity and culture
- Lead employee engagement activities
- Other related tasks as needed
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 35-45
- More than 10 years' experience in HR field
- Communicative English skills
Salary Monthly Salary 50,000THB 〜 55,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Chonburi ALL,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

Sales Manager (N1-N3) ID:30860

Job Description - Handling inquiries from new and existing clients
- Prepare budget and analysis
- Negotiate and close sales as agreed terms and conditions.
- Develop new business opportunities and maintain good relationship with clients
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, age over 35
- Business English communication skills
- JLPT N3 - N1
- Minimum 5 years' experience in Sales
Salary Monthly Salary 40,000THB 〜 65,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

H.R. Officer (TigerSoft) ID:34129

Job Description - Employee's payroll
- Attendance record
- Overtime record
- Yearly tax report
- VISA and Work permit
Required Qualifications - Female, Thai national, age between 24-35
- Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource or relate field
- More than one year's experience in payroll
- Knowledge of TigerSoft
Salary Monthly Salary 18,000THB 〜 20,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Chonburi ALL,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

Sale supervisor (Amate Nakorn) ID:42531

Job Description 1. Identify and research new market potential, specify prospects for business expanding.
2. Joining team set up target and be achieved the sales target and meeting company's KPI
3. Initiate achievement strategic roadmap and execution.
4. Monitoring market environmental, collecting data and preparing monthly sales and market reports.
Required Qualifications 1. Male or female, aged 25-35 years old.
2. Bachelor's degree in any related field.
3. At least 5 years in sales and marketing experience in industry.
4. Computer literate and good command of both spoken & written English.
5. Highly business approaching skill and good on negotiationl
6. Highly presentation skill and good report system.
7. Proven success in opening as well as business opportunities management.
8. Strong interpersonal skills, Mature, Independent, Outgoing personality, hands on,
highly responsible.
Salary Monthly Salary 30,000THB 〜 40,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

CAM Design Engineer (Junior) ID:45261

Job Description - Programming CNC date for die-cast production
- Design casting for mould by CAM/CAD (depending on the position)
- Visit customers to confirm the requirements
Required Qualifications - Male, Thai national, age between 22-30
- Welcome New Graduates & Fresh Grads
- Able to use AutoCAD, CAM
- Good command of English
- Able to work well under pressure
Salary Monthly Salary 15,000THB 〜 25,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

Production Engineer (Amata Nakorn) ID:45933

Job Description - Responsible for production engineering (press mould)
- Perform production engineering in metal processing field
- Support production planning activities
- Generate drawings using AutoCAD
- Perform preventive maintenance on facility
- Other related tasks as needed
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 26-35
- Work experience as a production engineer
- Work experience in metal processing
- Good knowledge of AutoCAD
- Ability to communicate in English
- Ability to communicate in Chinese is an advantage
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000THB 〜 28,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

Operation GM or Factory Manager ID:45890

Job Description - Control and manage manufacturing performance to achieve annual operation plan, service, quality and area of cost control
- Lead the manufacturing team to ensure staff capability and growth that match business requirements
- Ensure safety in environment under plant operations to meet standards and norms
- Develop manufacturing strategies that support operation plan and business growth
- Ensure development of executable plan and team execution including operation capability and new initiatives of products expansion plan
- Control product quality to achieve targets and maximise the efficiency of machine and its utilization
- Deliver environmental sustainability initiatives including energy and water consumption
- Ensure manufacturing operations meet standard
- Minimise and prevent injury frequency, lost time and its operational tasks
- Maximise plant productivity and its operational tasks
- Ensure sufficiency of resources for plant operations via proper structures, staff capability and empowerment
- Join with Q.A./C.A. to support the evaluation of/actions against customer complaints
- Ensure plant operations comply with local laws and regulations
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 38-45
- More than 15 years' work experience in manufacturing environment
- Good management skills
- Ability to communicate in English or Japanese
Salary Monthly Salary 60,000THB 〜 100,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

Maintenance Manager ID:37818

Job Description - Control and manage the reliability of machines, utility and infrastructures
- Plan and control maintenance schedule
- Conduct and lead team of engineering and production to minimize downtime and report to management team
- Responsible for information analysis and diagnosing breakdown problems
- Design, provide and install electrical equipment
- Inspect the installation of project, contractors and suppliers to ensure performance as agreed (equipment specifications, operational and safety standards)
- Control maintenance tools, spare parts, store and equipment
- Control and monitor the overall cost of maintenance
- Stay ready for duty in case of emergency supports on operation works
- Plan, control and manage CAPEX within company budget
- Perform other assignments from President
Required Qualifications - Male, Thai national, age between 40-45
- Bachelor's Degree in Electrical, Electrical Power or Mechanical Engineering
- At least 10 years' work experience in electrical or mechanical tasks in supervisor level
- Strong experience in facilities and utility maintenance, energy conservation and preventive maintenance
- Good knowledge of ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 is an advantage
- Fluent in English (writing and speaking)
- Computer literacy in Microsoft Office Suites
- Strong interpersonal, analytical thinking and problem-solving skills
- Leadership qualities and capabilities of supervising team, project and contractors
Salary Monthly Salary 45,000THB 〜 70,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

HRD Manager or Assistant Manager ID:45889

Job Description - Develop and implement policies and procedures of Human Resource Management
- Promote workplace safety to ensure compliance with law and latest updates in related law
- Coordinate in staff recruitment and selection process in order to ensure a timely organized and comprehensive procedures (all recruitment process)
- Prepare employees for their responsibilities by establishing and conducting orientation and training programs
- Conduct job evaluation assessments using a point factor evaluation tool for all positions
- Support organizational changes and development initiatives
- Maintain staff's KPI and job evaluation database
- Conduct and assist in the development of salary surveys to benchmark company's positions for competitiveness
- Monitor staff performance and attendance activities
- Provide administrative and research support as required
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 32-42
- Work experience as a Human Resource Manager
- Good command of English (to communicate with Japanese manager)
Salary Monthly Salary 60,000THB 〜 85,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

HR Assistant Manager (Amatanakorn) ID:39778

Job Description - Responsible for Human Resource (H.R.) and general affair (G.A.) related tasks
- Guide and control HRD system (maintaining and creating career path, successor plan or concern)
- Responsible for necessary arrangement with government officers, industrial estate officers and system of company properties management
- Responsible for employee relation (10%), recruitment and payroll tasks
- Other related tasks as assigned
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 35-45
- Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource or Business Administration
- At least 3 years' experience in H.R. related field at management level
- Ability to communicate in English
- Good knowledge of labour laws and labour department regulations
- Good knowledge of taxation law
- Good knowledge of industrial estate regulations, etc.
Salary Monthly Salary 60,000THB 〜 70,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

ISO Supervisor ID:45911

Job Description - Responsible for ISO and administrative functions
- Control ISO related activities as a manager
- Responsible for documentation tasks for ISO related issues
- Correspond to audit and control documents
- ISO 14001: 2015 and EMR related functions
- Other related tasks as needed
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 25-30
- Work experience and knowledge of ISO & EMR
- Ability to communicate in English
Salary Monthly Salary 24,000THB 〜 32,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

Q.A. Manager or Assistant Manager ID:45892

Job Description - Control, check and monitor product quality to ensure all products comply with company standards
- Organise and manage QA and QM team to achieve KPI targets and company policies
- Control and maintain all ISO requirements in the plant
- Focus on customers' requirements and support sales team
- Review and approve manufacturing & assembly instructions for adequate points of inspection operations
- Supervise and/or conduct quality control reviews
- Verify and maintain quality control records
- Recruit, train and support quality personnel to assure effective and competent performance of quality functions
- Participate in the review of all manufacturing, purchasing, and test documentation to assure conformance to quality control standards
- Review and oversee implementation of engineering change notices and related documents about change control
- Prepare and review complaints (quality) trends
- Report serious or repeated failures or unreliability in quality of products
- Recommend appropriate corrective actions or plans/programs to minimise defects in products
- Perform other quality assurance functions as necessary or as requested
- Cooperate internally with departments of production, engineering and sales & marketing
- Coordinate externally such as dealing with customers and suppliers on quality or performance issues
- Support all lab testing from corporate group as requested
- Prepare quality report to Head Quarter
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 35-42
- Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry or Science
- Work experience in quality assurance (Q.A.) and its system
- Work experience and background in QMR
- Sufficient and practical knowledge of measuring tools
- Familiarity with regulated industry and/or quality standard requirements (ISO9001 and ISO14001)
- Good command of English (for communication)
- Computer literacy in Microsoft Office Suites
Salary Monthly Salary 45,000THB 〜 65,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

Product Manager/Sales Manager (commercial insulation) ID:45891

Job Description - Identify, evaluate and appoint suitable partners (agents, distributors) for the distribution/reselling of products
- Perform market analysis including competitors, pricing levels, supply and distribution channels and product positioning
- Establish and execute marketing strategies for the establishment and growth of thermobreak insulation in Thai market
- Directly promote thermobreak insulation to consulting engineers, contractor and owners in coordination with agents and distributors
- Conduct technical seminars, organise and participate in product related exhibitions (HVAC)
- Prepare marketing aids such as product brochures, advertising materials, technical literature and product related information packages
- Handle individual project tracking and follow-ups in coordination with distributors and agents
- Determine annual and gross-profit plans by forecasting and developing annual sales quotas for regions/distributors; projecting expected sales volume and profit for existing and new products; analysing trends and results; establishing pricing strategies; recommending selling prices; monitoring costs, competition, supply and demand
- Responsible for the management of personnel and development of sales representatives and sales support staff
Required Qualifications - Male, Thai national, age between 35-40
- Bachelor's Degree in related field
- At least 8-10 years’ experience in sales and marketing (industrial and solution sales)
- At least 5 years' hands-on experience in HVAC & MEP markets (professional in marketing)
- Work experience in the management of multi-channel dealers/distributors
- Work experience in project construction or OEM would be an advantage
- Having technical and/or engineering background would be an advantage
- Previous work experience in insulation will be highly regarded
- Good technical qualifications in mechanical engineering or similar technical disciplines
- Having personal and technical competence in conducting presentations and seminars in Thai and English to various parties including government organisations, etc.
- Excellent presentation skills with good command of English
- Ability to communicate with mechanical consulting engineers and professionals at highest technical level including technical seminars
- Ability to deliver to service level agreements including communication, response times, event management quality, marketing planning and campaign feedback
- Key competencies will include excellent communication and interpersonal skills, initiative and independence, strong achievement orientation and good organization
Salary Monthly Salary 60,000THB 〜 100,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

All159 (81〜100 )