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Programmer (Amatanakorn) ID:32002

Job Description - Develop program EPCS system for comprehensive working in various production process in the company
- Analysis Advantages and disadvantages to EPCS system used including the effects occurred and forecasting problems that may arise in the future
- -Develop Bar Code system to common EPCS system for data records possible correctly
- Control Pokayoke System to work perfectly performance
- Control Domain User for create user (new employees) within company
- Support information technology system in company
Required Qualifications - Male/Female, 25~35 years old
- Bachelor degree: IT Engineer major or related fields
- 2~7 years of experience in IT programming
- Programming language:
Salary Monthly Salary 25,000THB 〜 45,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Chonburi ALL,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

QC assistant manager (Amatanakorn) ID:41935

Job Description *Responsible for controlling QC section as manager or assistant manager
*Subordinates 7 QC division staff
*Handle QC activity such as analyzing
*Coordinating with supplier about problem
*Other tasks as needed
Required Qualifications *Male/Female, 30~45 years old
*Having experience as QC manager or Supervisor
*Advantage : Having experience as QC in Plastic injection manufacturing
Salary Monthly Salary 25,000THB 〜 40,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

Purchasing Assistant Manager ID:37944

Job Description
Required Qualifications
Salary Monthly Salary 30,000THB 〜 45,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Chonburi ALL,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

sales & sales support (Japanese speaker) ID:41908

Job Description *responsible for suporting sales team
*support sales activity in office
*visiting clients with Japanese manager
*explain our product
*make an estimation and correspond with customer
*other tasks as needed
Required Qualifications *male or female / age :22~30
*Japanese skill-N1~N3 level
*fresh graduated and inexperienced are welcomed
*advantage: having experience as sales
*advantage: communicative English level
Salary Monthly Salary 15,000THB 〜 55,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Chonburi ALL,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

Production planning assistant manager ID:40838

Job Description *responsible for production planning in assembly section
*control supplier for delivery planning
*conduct production planning by control Excel
*correspond customer depend on their order
*manage 1~2subordinates of inventory control section for controling stock
*other tasks as needed
Required Qualifications *male / female , age : not over 35 years old
*at least 1 year experiences as production planning
*having experiences in logistics or related fields
Salary Monthly Salary 30,000THB 〜 50,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

QA Engineer for New Model (Amatanakorn) ID:41105

Job Description - Responsible for quality assurance for new model
- Ensure products meet quality requirement
- Make necessary documenst for quality of products
- Report to manager
- Other related tasks as assigned
Required Qualifications - Male/Female, 25-35 years old
- Bachelor or higher degree in Mechanical, Machine tools or related fields
- 3-5 year experience in quality assurance in automotive industry
- Strong knowledge of APQP
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000THB 〜 30,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

Die casting Engineer ID:41893

Job Description
Required Qualifications
Salary Monthly Salary 28,000THB 〜 35,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

Maintenance Manager (Amatanakorn) ID:41760

Job Description - Strong leadership and communication skills
- Develop maintenance procedures and ensure implementation
- Carry out inspections of the facilities to identify and resolve issues
- Plan and oversee all repair and installation activities
- Ensure health and safety policies are complied with
- Control and analyze machine breakdown and records for preventive actions
- Ensure that quality management system is active.
- Solve problem with other department.
- Safety, health and environment to establish safe workplace and maintain safety compliance.
- Develop and control projects.
Required Qualifications - Male/Female, Age 35-40 years old
- Bachelor or higher degree in Engineering with Engineering License.
- Good Experience in Maintenance and Engineering fields - Manufacturing Environment Preferred
- Good communication in English
- Good Management and strong Leadship.
- Experience in Energy Conservation Program will be advantaged.
Salary Monthly Salary 40,000THB 〜 80,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)


Job Description
Required Qualifications
Salary Monthly Salary 30,000 〜 50,000
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

QA Senior Supervisor ID:41711

Job Description
Required Qualifications
Salary Monthly Salary 35,000THB 〜 40,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

Purchasing supervisor ID:40630

Job Description - Research suppliers in Asian countries.
- Interface with the customers [Each KYB Bases ] in Asian Countries.
- Price negotiation with the suppliers.
- Price quotation with KYB Group companies..
- Control of account receivable and collection of money.
- Purchasing item planning and implementation.
Required Qualifications * Able to go to Overseas Business Trip alone.
* Able to go to study at KYB Japan one year
* Able to negotiate with Foreign people
* Experience of Automotive or parts company
* Writing, Reading and Conversation of English. (TOEIC 550 and above).
Salary Monthly Salary 30,000THB 〜 50,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

Admin (Japanese speaker) ID:41306

Job Description - Interpret between Japanese and Thai
- Translate document
- Admin task
- Support back office
- General affairs
- Other related task
Required Qualifications * Female/ 22 - 30
* Good command of Japanese(N2)
* New graduation OK
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000THB 〜 35,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

Procurement Supervisor ID:41655

Job Description -Source for supplier locally and oversea for Direct Material
-Issue Drawing and Provide supplier with information for requirement
-Request Quotation ,Review and Negotiate price for localize part including making cost estimation
-Compare cost and quality of product purchase and make decision
-Supplier List, ASL making for approval
-Issue purchasing agreement for supplier and follow up
-Trial and confirm quality of sample parts with supplier
-Local part initial production control and process audit supplier
-Cost reduction and VA/VE activity involve with supplier to achieve Department target
Required Qualifications -Female/Male Age: Between 34-38 years
-Bachelor Degree in Industrial Management or Other
-Experience 5-7 years
-Able to use Microsoft Office and communicate in English good
-Has skill in Cost analysis, VAVE for Cost reduction
Salary Monthly Salary 28,500THB 〜 30,500THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

Account Manager ID:41799

Job Description Making car sheet
*making textile for car sheet
*making a thread by using machine
*examining product's quality
Required Qualifications *M/F *Aged 28-38 years old
*have any engineering backgrounds
If candidate is interested in this position, can apply!
*Able to communicate in English
Salary Monthly Salary 50,000THB 〜 65,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

Japanese Interpreter N1-N3 ID:39331

Job Description
Required Qualifications
Salary Monthly Salary 35,000THB 〜 60,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

Japanese Interpreter (N2up) ID:41798

Job Description *responsible for translating between Japanese and Thai
*assigned to some section
*supporting president like a securetary
*interpreting in morning meeting everyday
*translating document such as company rules and related legal
*other tasks as needed
Required Qualifications *male or female / age: not over 33 years old
*N1 or N2 level of Japanese skll (N3 is also acceptable)
*having experience as interpreter
*advantage : having experience as securetary
Salary Monthly Salary 45,000THB 〜 70,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

Design Engineer (3D CAD) ID:23947

Job Description Plan drawing about external wall of building.
Plan drawing about interior material of building such as sash and window.
Making estimation document.
Process management.
Required Qualifications *male or female / age : 23~40 years old
*fresh graduated and inexperienced are welcomed
*Advantage : working experience as drafter in construction or related field.
*Auto CAD skill(2D,3D)
Salary Monthly Salary 18,000THB 〜 32,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

ごみ焼却発電所の建設現場監督*65歳以上歓迎 ID:41116

Job Description 建設現場監督の仕事になります。
*建設現場の監督業務 (工場建設、工場設備)
*お客様とのやりとり、顧客対応 (主に日系企業)

Required Qualifications 下記の建設現場監督経験者
理想:  ごみ焼却発電所
現実的: 火力発電所 (LNG・石炭・石油・バイオマス)
可能:  化学・繊維・鉄鋼プラント、土木、建築

Salary Monthly Salary 80,000THB 〜 150,000THB
Location Thailand,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Bangna (Bangkok),Silom (Bangkok),Sathorn - Lumpini (Bangkok),Ratchathawi - Lat Phrao (Bangkok),Ratchadapisek - Phetchaburi (Bangkok),Ramkhamhaeng/Bangkapi/Bueng Kum (Bangkok),All Airport Link Lines (Bangkok),Srinakharin/Pattanakarn/Bangplee (Bangkok),Location,King Kaew/Chachoengsao (Bangkok),Din Daeng/Vibhavadi/Don Muang/Rangsit (Bangkok),Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

Sales (Amatanakorn) ID:17258

Job Description - Responsible for developing business opportunity with new and existing customers
- Have a meeting and understand requirement from customer
- Corporate with engineering and production department to deliver on time
- Control schedule of project based on requirement from customer
- Other related tasks as needed
Required Qualifications - Male/Female, 25~35 years old
- Business level English
- At least 2 years of sales experience
- Experience or knowledge of engineering or production related fields, especially R&D field
Salary Monthly Salary 25,000THB 〜 40,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

Employee Relation Supervisor ID:40668

Job Description 1. Jcc meeting
2. Negotiation
3. Litigation/Government Contact
4. Employee relationship
5. Investigate/ Punish
6. Handle working rule®ulation
7. Cultivate/Conscious mind loving Company
8. Team buling & Walk rally
9. Motivation on work
10. Set plan and Monitoring meeting at Law
11. Handle Welfare of Company
12. Monitoring and Coordinate
13. CSR participate
14 Monitoring and Follow up activity plan
15. Monitoring and Follow up
16.Employee Committee meeting
17.Handle Labour union
Required Qualifications   - Bachelor's Degree
 - Experience in HR function 7 years and Employee Relation 4 years
 - Knowledge and Skill Labor law, Social Security law, Relation ship
 - Computer Ms. Office
 - ISO 9001 / ISO TS 16949 / ISO 14001
Salary Monthly Salary 35,000THB 〜 45,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Chonburi ALL,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

All162 (41〜60 )