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List of Inexperienced job vacancies in Thailand

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Sales Office Staff (Laemchabang) ID:43110

Job Description - Form the business scheme base on customer's request and make the quotation draft
- Acting as the windows person to obtain information and compliments from customers
- Maintain regular communication between staff from every department for a smooth operation
- Obtain feedback from customers and other sources and report the team leader
- Maintain ISO operation and summarize the results into report
- Instruct our colleagues how to improve the service
- Collect every document of CS, and summarize to make data for an analysis
- Receive customers' requirements and report to the team leader (as the windows person)
Required Qualifications - Female, age between 25-35 years old
- Bachelor’s Degree in any filed
- Fresh graduateds are welcome
- Good interpersonal skills and service mind
- Proficient in MS Office
Salary Monthly Salary 15,000THB 〜 17,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Lemchabang(Chonburi)

Pharmacist ID:43144

Job Description - Providing advice about health issues, symptoms and medications in response to customer inquiries.
- Processing prescriptions and dispensing medication.
- Manage related documents.
- Research, prepare and dispense medications and other pharmaceuticals according to professional standards and legal requirements.
Required Qualifications - Male / Female
- Not over than 40 years old
- New graduates are welcomed
- English : Intermediate level
Salary Monthly Salary 35,000THB 〜 55,000THB
Location Thailand,Bangkok ALL,Location

Sales Coordinator Industrial Product Section ID:43134

Job Description
Required Qualifications
Salary Monthly Salary 17,000THB 〜 22,000THB
Location Thailand,Silom (Bangkok),Location

Sales Engineer ID:24110

Job Description - Responsible for sales target and marketing of the product.
- Learn the techniques and products. Planning, sales and marketing introduce products to customers including government agencies. State Enterprise Agencies
- Contact Supplier abroad for information and technology products.
- Coordinate the tracking of sales and after-sales service.
- Create and maintain existing customer relationships. As well as for new customers
Required Qualifications - Male / Female, age 22-35 years.
- Bachelor's Degree Electrical engineering, electronic, electronic, telecommunications or related field.
- Experience in sales or lighting systems, lighting, sound, image or program, such as government agencies, and hotel and has experience in dealing with the designers will be given special consideration.
- Good knowledge of English and computers as well.
- Sales through at least two years of leadership, sales and service jobs have own car to work as a team.
- Problem solving as well. And can work well under pressure.
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000THB 〜 40,000THB
Location Thailand,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

Sales Representative N3 (new grad) ID:43128

Job Description - Contact/ coordinate client, Education institute, International school, Language school
- Approach and present Japanese book to those above client
- Prepare doc. i.e. quotation and books detail
- Travelling upon client request or new client sometimes
Required Qualifications Male or female 24-28 years old
Bachelor degree in Japanese language or any related major, business administrative
Interpersonal skills
Owned license
Salary Monthly Salary 18,000THB 〜 23,000THB
Location Thailand,Silom (Bangkok),Location

Sales Staff(Chemical) ID:39670

Job Description - Present and sell company products and service to current and potential customers
- Identify sales prospects and contact accounts as assigned
- Prepare presentations, proposals, and sales contracts
- Establish and maintain current customer and potential customers' relationship
- Manage account service through Quality Checks and other follow–ups
- Identify and solve problems for customers
- Coordinate with company staff to accomplish works required to close sales
- Follow up the collection of payment
- Arrange shipping schedules and delivery of merchandise and service
- Other duties as assigned
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, age between 25–35 years old
- Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business Administration or any related fields
- Minimum 3 years’ experience in Sales Representative, Chemical Industry or Chemical Trading or Chemical Manufacturing or Low material
- Good command of English
- Good communication skill, excellent interpersonal and negotiation skills, having positive attitude and service mind
- Proficient in MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint etc.)
- Must possess own vehicle and a valid driving license
- Able to travel abroad
Salary Monthly Salary 35,000THB 〜 40,000THB
Location Thailand,Silom (Bangkok),Location

Sales Assistant and Interpreter (Bangplee) ID:40980

Job Description Main job is interpreter but Marketing sometimes. she/he need to explain products to foreigner using Thai language or Japanese language.

◆Visit customers with Japanese sales
◆Help translate Thai to Japanese or Japanese to Thai
◆Appeal the products to visitors at the exhibition in Japanese or Thai
◆Explain about products to visitors at exhibition in Japanese or Thai
◆Distributing the catalog
*The exhibition is held in Japan, so she/he has to visit Japan 1 or 2 times in a year
Required Qualifications - N2~3 level or speak Japanese fluently(Not only interpreter)
- Available to communicate with customers in Thai or Japanese
- Work at Samutprakan
- Trainee in Japan
- Business trip to Japan once a year
- No gender/No age limited
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000THB 〜 35,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Samutprakarn


Job Description
Required Qualifications
Salary Monthly Salary 22,000THB 〜 27,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)


Job Description
Required Qualifications
Salary Monthly Salary 27,000THB 〜 32,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)


Job Description
Required Qualifications
Salary Monthly Salary 27,000THB 〜 32,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

【Skype面接可!】電子部品の営業 ID:43079

Job Description 必要なのは”やる気”です! そう語るのは日本人の男性マネージャー。

- 主に海外の日系企業への電子基板の営業
- お客様はASEANをメインに開拓しておりますので、数か月に一度は海外出張もあります。
- 将来的に新規開拓も担当して頂きますが、まずは既存のお客様担当から実務を覚えて頂きます。(現在新規開拓は、在籍する日本人マネージャー2名が行っていますが、後世の育成の為、徐々に新規もお任せ致します。)
- 就業開始後には中国の工場見学もあり
Required Qualifications - 25歳から35歳程度の男女
- 英語ビジネスレベル
- 社会人経験1年以上 (業界・職種問わず) 未経験歓迎!
- 普通自動車運転免許 (AT限定可)
- 中華系企業である為、雇用形態は2年契約です。全従業員2年契約ですが、著しく会社の信頼を損なう事等が無い限り、基本的に継続しております。

- 英語以外に、タイ語や中国語のスキル
- 商社での勤務経験
- タイでの生活経験、就業経験
Salary Monthly Salary 50,000THB 〜 100,000THB
Location Thailand,Bangna (Bangkok),Location

【新卒歓迎】コーディネーター ID:42706

Job Description 国内外からのお客様からの問い合わせ対応をご担当頂きます

Required Qualifications •22歳から30歳、日本国籍、大卒以上(新卒可能)
•Word, Excel, and Power Point使用できる方
Salary Monthly Salary 50,000THB 〜 70,000THB
Location Thailand,Sathorn - Lumpini (Bangkok),Location

Sales Coordinator (Silom) ID:40412

Job Description -Input PO Data in SIBOS
-Input and make all document about credit note & debit note
-Filing all related document
-Other related task
Required Qualifications - Age 23 - 27 year-old
- Bachelor Degree in any field
- 0 – 3 years experience in related field
- Good command in English
- Able to use computer especially MS. Excel formula
- New graduated with good English skill also welcome
Salary Monthly Salary 15,000THB 〜 20,000THB
Location Thailand,Silom (Bangkok),Location

Accountant Admin ID:42954

Job Description - create Invoice, Receipt
- Billing
- Contact social security
- gather all accountancy document and submit to Accounting firm
- any other assign jobs
Required Qualifications - Female only
- age 22-30 years old
- Bachelor's degree in any related field
- new grad. is welcomed / no epx. is welcomed
- English is not necessary
- can use Microsoft office
- can work under pressure
- no health problem
Salary Monthly Salary 15,000THB 〜 18,000THB
Location Thailand,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

【タイ語必須・未経験可!】将来のレストランマネージャー候補 ID:42462

Job Description ◆プーケット国際空港スグ横のホテル併設型レジャー施設で、統括マネージャーをお任せします◆
- 施設内のレストランの運営業務
- 調理工程のメニューや指示書については別担当にて策定。
- 他部門(ウェイクボード、レストラン)の人員不足時における補助
- 現状タイローカルフードの提供に限られているメニュー構成の改変。(今後予想される欧州からの顧客増加に対応する為)
Required Qualifications ★長く働ける方! プーケットに移住したい方!
- 年齢 :明確な採用基準なし (新卒から50代以上の方でも可)
- 必要経験 : 調理経験者歓迎 (未経験の場合は日本の飲食店にて研修予定)
- 学歴 : 不問
- 必要言語 :日本語とタイ語又は英語。ただし幹部候補生としてタイ語は今後習得必須となる為、タイ語スキル有の方優遇
- 普通自動車運転免許 (AT限定可)
- 異国の文化や外国語に対しての拒絶意識が無い方
- 自ら進んで現地スタッフの輪に入ろうとする程度のコミュニケーションスキル
- 勤務時間はシフトに沿いますが、ゲストが屋外BBQを利用した場合や繁忙期は、シフトにとらわれない時間外就労が発生する為、臨機応変かつ仕事に幅を利かせられる方
- 原価管理意識や知識のある方歓迎
Salary Monthly Salary 50,000THB 〜 60,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Other (Thailand)

【タイ語必須・未経験可!】将来の宿泊施設の支配人候補 ID:42459

Job Description ◆プーケット国際空港スグ横のホテル併設型レジャー施設で、統括マネージャーをお任せします◆
- 宿泊施設(ホテルの客室)の管理、現地スタッフのシフト管理
- 入室状態の管理
- 他部門(ウェイクボード、レストラン)の人員不足時における補助
- 当施設の閑散期である4月~9月期におけるレジャー、飲食事業の営業推進活動。
- 行政、諸省庁との折衷業務。(交渉窓口にタイ人スタッフがいますが、申請に至るまでの書類、計画等は日本人が担当。)
- 売上・経費等、日々の数字の精査・検証
Required Qualifications ★長く働ける方! プーケットに移住したい方!
- 年齢 :明確な採用基準なし (新卒から50代以上の方でも可)
- 必要経験 : なし
- 学歴 : 不問
- 必要言語 : 日本語・タイ語日常会話レベル以上 (英語があれば尚可)
- 普通自動車運転免許 (AT限定可)
- 異国の文化や外国語に対しての拒絶意識が無い方
- 自ら進んで現地スタッフの輪に入ろうとする程度のコミュニケーションスキル
- 会社規定の範囲内のみならず、自発的に考え、他部門の人手不足であってもサポートする行動力
- (歓迎) 財務諸表が分かる方
Salary Monthly Salary 50,000THB 〜 60,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Other (Thailand)

Sales coordinator ID:38668

Job Description AAs a Sales coordinator you will efficiently provide support to our consultants in sales activities and administrative tasks that will assist in increasing company’s productivity and profitability. You are responsible for understanding the nature and objective of the recruiting business as you will be providing assistant to consultants team . You are open to provide suggestions that will maximize our business operations.

Supporting Consultants:
- Call candidate to invite our interview.
- make confirm interview with our client.
- Assist in inputting candidate data at system.
- Coordinate with Sales. regarding interview schedules.
- Make sure that scout candidate information are updated in the company system correctly, and necessary information as acquired prior to transferring information to consultants
- Provide general assistance as assigned.
- Confirm the candidate - client interview prior to the interview date
- Conduct data input on system before transferring to consultant
- Scout candidate from available sources as assigned
Required Qualifications *Female, 22~24 years old
*Communicative English
*Basic PC skill such Microsoft word and excel
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000THB 〜 30,000THB
Location Thailand,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

QA Staff ID:37577

Job Description • Working with cross functional team for any related quality issue to achieve the business goal
• Responsible for customer claim
• Customer service for improvement activity / Quality system improvement
*Initial jobs ( Check document/Meeting/Follow up )
Required Qualifications
Male or female age 22 up (New graduate also welcome)
Bachelor degree in Science or any other related field
0-2 year's work experience on deskwork
Able to work on Sat 2 times/ month
Strong problem solving, leader skills, initiative thinking and ability to work
under pressure.
Salary Monthly Salary 15,000THB 〜 18,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Samutprakarn

【英語力不問&未経験OK】問い合わせ対応&データ入力事務 ID:34661

Job Description 【日本人のお客様からの問い合わせばかりなので英語ができなくても安心】


Required Qualifications 【語学力不問!お客様に丁寧に対応いただける方を募集しています!】
■ 英語力不問
■ 高卒以上、満22歳以上(労働許可証取得に必要)
■ 接客経験のある方
■ 人と接することが好きな方
■ サービスマインドのある方

この求人は Transcosmos (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.の直接募集求人です。応募後は同社の採用担当者より直接ご連絡させていただきます。
Salary Monthly Salary 32,000THB 〜 35,000THB
Location Thailand,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location


Job Description
Required Qualifications
Salary Monthly Salary 70,000THB 〜 100,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

All209 (1〜20 )