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List of Inexperienced job vacancies in Thailand

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QA officer (Rayong) ID:44072

Job Description *Responsible for Corresponding to customer claims and request
*Corresponding with supplier
*Corresponding with customer if there is a problem
*Conduct Kaizen activity
*Other related tasks as needed
Required Qualifications *Male/Female, 25~40 years old
*Having experience as QA in related manufacturing
*Advantage : Having communicative English skill
*Advantage : Having experience in Japanese company
Salary Monthly Salary 18,000THB 〜 25,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Rayong

Assistant Supervisor Maintenance(Prachinburi) ID:44055

Job Description
Required Qualifications
Salary Monthly Salary 18,000THB 〜 28,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Other (Thailand)

BOI(Import & Export) Prachinburi ID:44054

Job Description
Required Qualifications
Salary Monthly Salary 12,000THB 〜 16,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Other (Thailand)

Asst. Supervisor (Customer QA) Prachinburi ID:44056

Job Description
Required Qualifications
Salary Monthly Salary 18,000THB 〜 28,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Other (Thailand)

【タイ語不要!経験不問!】貿易専門商社の営業職 ID:21336

Job Description ◆未経験から一流の商社マンを目指しませんか?オーガニック食品の輸出型開発型営業◆



Required Qualifications ◆厳しい環境で成長したい方、会社を大きくしたいという強い気持ちを持った方、大歓迎!◆

- 大学、専門学校卒以上
- 男女不問、28~45歳程度
- タイ自動車運転免許(入社後取得可)
- タイ国内や海外出張(日本、東南アジア)が可能な方
Salary Monthly Salary 50,000THB 〜 60,000THB
Location Thailand,Bangkok ALL,Location

Quality Engineer ID:42812

Job Description - Perform as CQE, QE and SQE to handle products of all processes
- Work together with team for the target and scrap reduction
- Ensure quality problems are properly managed
- Perform calibration control for all tooling measurement on ranking timing plan
- Support customer activities for all requirements and audit process including document issues and quality issues of company products
- Manage customer claims and sending updated corrective action report
- Manage PPAP files and all related quality documents
- Prepare quality monthly reports
- Monitor and prepare yearly inspection data
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 24-30
- Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or in related field
- Minimum 0-2 years' experience in Automotive or Parts
- New graduates from Engineering are warmly welcome
- Knowledge of FMEA, Control Plan and SPC
- (preferred) Knowledge of Quality System, Quality Control, 7 Tool Analysis and Planning
Salary Monthly Salary 25,000THB 〜 30,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Rayong

Vendor Coordinator / เจ้าหน้าที่ฝ่ายบริการและดูแลผู้ขาย ID:44005

Job Description - Coordinate with vendors/brands proactively (best representing our company) in all dialogues
- Initiate and retain relationship with vendors and assist/coach in uploading products and building promotions, as well as creating shop-in-shop pages for assigned brands
- Understand promotions in the beauty space and importance of persuading vendors to provide us better deals than other platforms
- Monitor assigned brands’ performance and strive for sales growth
- Understand P/L & fixed costs for each online transaction and able to follow and negotiate in vendor meetings
- Attend meetings internally across departments (merchandising & marketing) and attend vendor meetings
- Follow up on changes and resolve order issues as a liaison between multiple departments
- Solve problems at-hand on a daily basis
- Work closely with vendors and retain vendor’s satisfaction by handling vendor complaints and assisting in handling daily communications and correspondence and escalate issues to appropriate personnel on operational activities, issues resolution, process implementation and performance improvement
- Provide training to vendors about how to use Vendor Portal
Required Qualifications - Female (transgender is welcome), Thai national, age under 30
- Bachelor's Degree (or equivalent) in any field
- Minimum 1-2 years’ experience in vendor management (Account Executive position) preferably in E-Commerce business
- (must) able to communicate effectively in English through usual work routine
- Computer literate and especially proficient in Microsoft Excel

- Customer service oriented, courteous, and hospitable
- Strong interpersonal skill and ability to cooperate with all levels
- Highly passionate about beauty and health
- Attention to detail and exemplary organizational skills
- Having can-do attitude, flexibility, and ability to learn new materials
- Good communication and problem-solving skills with a strong customer service focus
- Positive attitude and professional demeanour, ability to communicate effectively at any level
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000THB 〜 25,000THB
Location Thailand,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

Electrical Engineer (Amata Nakorn) ID:44012

Job Description - Perform basic works on Electrical Engineering, Power Management and Energy Conservation
- ดำเนินการขั้นพื้นฐานด้านวิศวกรรมไฟฟ้า การจัดการพลังงานและการอนุรักษ์พลังงาน

- Study, research, analyse, improve and develop the workflow and operations to be effective
- เพื่อศึกษาวิจัยวิเคราะห์ปรับปรุงและพัฒนางานให้มีประสิทธิภาพ

- Coordinate for cooperation and support both internal and external agencies
- ประสานงานเพื่อความร่วมมือ สนับสนุนและให้บริการทั้งหน่วยงานทั้งภายในและภายนอก

- Draft letter, correspondence, letters and engage in engineering both inside and outside the organization
- จดหมายร่างจดหมายจดหมาย มีส่วนร่วมในงานด้านวิศวกรรมทั้งภายในและภายนอกองค์กร

- Report shortcomings and operational problems to supervisors as earliest as possible
- รายงานปัญหาการขาดแคลนและปัญหาในการดำเนินงานให้กับผู้บังคับบัญชาคนแรกโดยเร็วที่สุด

- Report regularly to supervisors
- รายงานต่อผู้บังคับบัญชาเป็นประจำ

- Perform other related tasks as assigned
- ปฏิบัติงานอื่น ๆ ตามที่ได้รับมอบหมาย
Required Qualifications - Male, Thai national, age between 25-35
- High Vocational Certificate in Mechanical or Bachelor's Degree in Engineering (Science)
- Minimum 2-3 years' working experience
- Qualified the training and test, "Responsible for the Common Energy" สอบผ่านตามเกณฑ์ในหลักสูตรผู้รับผิดชอบด้านพลังงานสามัญ (โรงงาน)
- Proficient in Microsoft Office
- Basic command of English
- (advantage) Able to communicate in Japanese
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000THB 〜 40,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Chonburi ALL,Amatanakorn (Chonburi)

Legal Officer ID:38585

Job Description - Responsible for all corporate legal matters, business review & operation and management in company
- Draft, review and issue lease agreements, legal letter and power of attorney (both in Thai and English version)
- Monitor the compliance of employees and support the compliance training
- Monitor the AML/CTF compliance and the customer's due diligence
- Update business-related laws and regulations to the management executives
- Work closely with other departments on collection, debts management, litigation and government relation agencies
- Ensure that all tasks performed by legal, comply with regulators and other related leasing and hire-purchase regulations
- Provide advice on legal compliance issues as required
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 24-27
- Bachelor's Degree or higher in Law
- Minimum one year's experience (preferably in legal department and/or collection of non-performing loan with banking)
- Financial institution or leasing will be an advantage
- Member of Thai Bar Association or Lawyer’s License
- Good command of English, computer and internet literacy
- Good time management and multi-tasks handling
- Self-motivated, proactive and able to work under pressure
- Strong leadership with excellent negotiation and communication skills
Salary Monthly Salary 30,000THB 〜 40,000THB
Location Thailand,Sathorn - Lumpini (Bangkok),Location

Claim Assesor ID:44060

Job Description • Responsible for claims verification, claims approval, and payment approval in the system within his/her authority limit.
• Monitor, review, and investigate all of outstanding claims or suspended claims in order to close all the outstanding
• Prepare and analyze monthly claims report including provides comments and propose actions plan.
• Able to make decision with justified reasons on any claims related case.
• Professionally handle phone calls that receiving from Customers and our Providers
• Perform other duties and special assignments as required
• Sending email and fax to confirm of document receiving
• Organize and manage documents
Required Qualifications - Thai nationality Male/Female
- Bachelor degree in Business Administration or related field
- Minimum 3-5 years experience
- Knowledge and experience in heath insurance claims will be a plus
- Must understand and well communicate in English.
- Excellent oral communication, interpersonal and analytical skills.
- Flexibility and capability to work under pressure.
- Customer oriented and service mindset is essential problem-solving
- Knowledge of Computer PC, MS-office, Internet, E-mail
Salary Monthly Salary 25,000THB 〜 55,000THB
Location Thailand,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

Marketing Coordinator ID:44031

Job Description - Handle all documents concerning with Leasing Service
- Support all administrative functions
- Other works as assigned by Department Supervisor
Required Qualifications - Female, Thai national, age under 26
- Bachelor’s Degree in any related field
- New graduates are warmly welcome
- Minimum one year's experience as Sales Coordinator will be an advantage
- Good command of English and computer literacy
- Good service mind and patience
- Strong communication and negotiation skills
- Good sense of urgency and able to work under pressure
Salary Monthly Salary 16,000THB 〜 18,000THB
Location Thailand,Sathorn - Lumpini (Bangkok),Location

Oeration Officer ID:44032

Job Description - Support all administrative functions
- Handle all documents concerning with leasing service
- Other works as assigned by Department Supervisor
Required Qualifications - Female, Thai national, age under 26
- Bachelor’s Degree in any related fields
- New graduates are warmly welcome
- Good command of English and computer literacy
- Strong communication and negotiation skills
- Good service mind and patient
- Good sense of urgency and ability to work under pressure
Salary Monthly Salary 16,000THB 〜 18,000THB
Location Thailand,Sathorn - Lumpini (Bangkok),Location

【タイ語必須】秘書・総務担当者 ID:42304

Job Description 総務全般のお仕事を担って頂きます。
Required Qualifications *性別年齢経験不問、 タイ語でスタッフまたはオーナーとコミュニケーションが取れる方、意欲的で日本式ビジネスマナーのある方

Salary Monthly Salary 50,000THB 〜 70,000THB
Location Thailand,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

Q.A. Engineer Staff ID:39685

Job Description - Improve the process of reducing defects
- Perform corrective & preventive actions and continuous improvement for new model supports
- Coordinate between vendors, customers and concerned departments for quality issues
- Support customer auditing activities and customer claim
- Control the schedule and progress for preparation of new part production
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 25-30
- (require) Minimum One year's Experience in Plastic Injection Factory
Salary Monthly Salary 15,000THB 〜 25,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Rayong

Japanese Interpreter (Bangpoo) ID:43609

Job Description - Interpretation 80% and other related jobs 20%
- Translate from Thai to Japanese and vice versa
- Act as the Secretary to MD
- Write the minute of meeting
- Contact customers and suppliers
Required Qualifications - Female, Thai national, age between 20-40
- Bachelor's Degree
- Able to work at Bangpoo
Salary Monthly Salary 22,000 〜 50,000
Location Thailand,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Bangna (Bangkok),Ramkhamhaeng/Bangkapi/Bueng Kum (Bangkok),All Airport Link Lines (Bangkok),Srinakharin/Pattanakarn/Bangplee (Bangkok),Location,King Kaew/Chachoengsao (Bangkok),Din Daeng/Vibhavadi/Don Muang/Rangsit (Bangkok),Rayong

Driver for Australian Executive and Clients ID:43878

Job Description Driver Responsibility:
- Driver for several VIP Guests
- Driver for Guests
- Executive in Company Group
- Other Directors and Japanese
- Others (administration related)
Required Qualifications - Male, Thai national, age between 30-35
- Having a Driving License
- Experience as a Driver
- Good Driving Sense
- Able to communicate in English
Salary Monthly Salary 15,000THB 〜 20,000THB
Location Thailand,Bangkok ALL,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Silom (Bangkok),Location

Cost Accounting Supervisor - Urgently Required! ID:43977

Job Description - Handle monthly standard cost update
- Perform cost calculation and variance analysis as well as budgeting preparation
- Provide production report and monitor variance in material cost and manufacturing cost
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 26-37
- Bachelor's Degree in Financial and/or Accounting
- Minimum 4 years of working experience
- Good command of English
- Knowledge of SAP program
Salary Monthly Salary 38,000THB 〜 58,000THB
Location Thailand,Location,Chonburi ALL,Siracha (Chonburi)

Store Staff (medical equipment) ID:29360

Job Description - Attract and communicate with customers
- Demonstrate products for customers
- Explain the price and details of products to customers
- Products: wheelchair, walker, stick, stretcher, bath safety, etc.
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 22-30
- Bachelor’s Degree in any field
- Presentation Skills (to present products)
- Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
- Good communication skills, interpersonal and active with pleasant personality, good sense of self-management in duty
Salary Monthly Salary 15,000THB 〜 15,000THB
Location Thailand,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Silom (Bangkok),Ratchathawi - Lat Phrao (Bangkok),Location

Technical Service (Service Engineer) ID:40281

Job Description - Develop business plan and activities to build brand equity, increase market share and profit.
- Work as cross-functional team to drive the brand into the current market situation.
- Obtain market and competitors information including vehicle trend
- Make arrangements for tire testing, monitoring, and including preparing inspection reports
- Visit dealers frequently and take an action when any problem arises and control claim process
Required Qualifications - Male, Thai national, age between 28- 35
- Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Production Engineer or in related field
- More than 3 years of experience in this field (or similar)
- Computer literate in MS Office, emails and internet
- Able to work outside and having Driving License
- Good command of English will be an advantage
- Good learner and team worker
Salary Monthly Salary 18,000THB 〜 25,000THB
Location Thailand,Bangkok ALL,Bangna (Bangkok),Location,Samutprakarn

Sale Coordinator ID:42666

Job Description - Manage and support clients' or tenants' requirements and contracts
- Support sales-related tasks and service department such as handling quotations and sales documents and performing other related tasks
- Coordinate with other departments both internal and external parties
- Coordinate with accounting team in order to receive summary of expense for customers
- Contact suppliers, customers, and agencies
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 26-35
- Bachelor’s Degree in related fields
- Minimum 3-5 years of experience in property (condominium) or as sales coordinator
- Good command of English
- Skilled in Coordination and Negotiation
- (Required) knowledge in Software SAP or Oracle or Promis or any ERP will be an advantage
- Able to work immediately (urgent position)
Salary Monthly Salary 25,000THB 〜 30,000THB
Location Thailand,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

All198 (1〜20 )