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List of Engineer(IT/Internet/Telecommunications) x Sukhumvit (Bangkok) job vacancies in Thailand

Conditions in searching
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Programmer (BTS Ploen Chit) ID:46223

Job Description - Responsible for the maintenance of computer systems using .Net, SQL or Cristal Report (choose one)
- Handle company's products such as SAP, ERP, SAP B-One, BI Tool, Dr.Sum EA, MotionBoard, etc.
- Report to Thai manager (and occasionally Japanese manager)
- Other related tasks as assigned
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 25-36
- Candidates who possess skills of .Net, SQL or Cristal Report (but having no experience) are welcome to apply
- Ability to communicate in English
Salary Monthly Salary 28,000THB 〜 40,000THB
Location Thailand,Bangkok ALL,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

Programmer (no experience welcome) ID:45026

Job Description - Build and create websites using PHP or RUBY
- Understand requirements from Japanese staff and change program
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 28-45
- Candidates with no experience are welcome to apply
- Prefer working experience in creating websites (recruitment websites, sales websites or news websites, etc.)
- Able to communicate in English
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000THB 〜 35,000THB
Location Thailand,Bangkok ALL,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

Programmer ID:16983

Job Description - Responsible for designing, coding and testing to maintain websites and application as assigned
- Support and provide consultation service to customers
- Coordinate with team members to perform tasks effectively
- Other related tasks as needed
Required Qualifications - Male, Thai national, age between 22-30
- Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology or related field
- Welcome New Graduates & Fresh Grads
- Good knowledge of .Net or C#
- Having a valid Driving Licence is an advantage
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000 〜 30,000
Location Thailand,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

Software Engineer ID:45949

Job Description - Visit clients to implement software program
- Train customers to understand the products
- Provide training to customers about products
- Communicate closely with Japanese Manager
- Communicate with internal and external departments in English via emails
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 28-39
- Work experience in implementing CRM/ERP for 5 years
- Good communication skills
- Ability to communicate in English
Salary Monthly Salary 30,000THB 〜 50,000THB
Location Thailand,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

IT Engineer (.netC# or ID:44752

Job Description - Provide presentation (accounting system) to customers
- Perform programming of accounting system (SuperStream)
- Support and direct other staff in programming
- Suggest customers about how to use the system
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 28-50
- More than 5 years' experience as a programmer
- Skills in programming language such as .netC# or
- Good knowledge of Thai accounting
- Good command of English (to communicate with Japanese MD)
- Computer literacy in Microsoft Office Suites
- Ability to lead and motivate team and demonstrate problem-solving skills
- Ability to work independently and willingness to learn
- High responsibility and good business acumen
- Self-motivated, proactive and hard-working
Salary Monthly Salary 40,000THB 〜 60,000THB
Location Thailand,Bangkok ALL,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

ソフトウェア開発エンジニア(自動車関連) ID:44893

Job Description 車の基礎となるパートレインのソフトウェア開発をして頂きます。


Required Qualifications ・自動車組み込みソフト開発の経験がある方

Salary Monthly Salary 70,000THB 〜 100,000THB
Location Thailand,Bangkok ALL,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

IT Officer (Ploenchit) ID:41317

Job Description - Perform duties as IT helpdesk to support IT-related issues (such as repairing and ordering IT equipment, etc.)
- Responsible for the installation of hardware and software
- Remotely support IT related issues for all company's branches (Chonburi and Chiangmai, based in Bangkok)
- Other IT-related tasks as assigned
Required Qualifications - Male, Thai national, age between 22-30
- Bachelor's Degree in related field
- Work experience in IT support or helpdesk for one year
- Ability to work on Saturday, twice per month (half day, 09:00-12:00)
- Ability to communicate in English
- Willingness to work hard
Salary Monthly Salary 18,000THB 〜 22,000THB
Location Thailand,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

Software /System Engineer (possible to work in Japan for 3 years) ID:37591

Job Description - Handle computer system and program development to support manufacturing management
- Troubleshoot internal-company system
- Provide after-sales service to customers in 3D CAD programs
- Customization & Implementation (customize development/implement code build /create production environment/data migration)
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, no age limit
- Solid knowledge of computer (hardware, software, and network)
- Able to use JAVA or JAVASCRIPT
- TOEIC 650 or JLPT N3
- Capable of working under pressure
- Self-learner with never-give-up attitude who loves challenging work
- Willing to work overseas (min. 3 years in Japan; China, USA, Europe etc.) after 1 or 2 years working in Thailand
Salary Monthly Salary 28,000THB 〜 45,000THB
Location Tokyo,Thailand,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Japan,Others,Location

JAVA or C# Programmer (Asoke) - Urgently Required! ID:42827

Job Description - Develop program upon customers’ request
- Arrange documents for testing program
- Provide system solution upon customers’ request
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 21-35
- Bachelor's Degree or Master's Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology or any related field
- Minimum 2 years' experience and skills in Java, JavaScript, SQL, etc.
- Good command of English

Other Requirements;
- Eager to learn new technologies
- Willing to contribute and work as a team
- Hard-working, self-reliant, proactive and having good attitude
Salary Monthly Salary 25,000THB 〜 45,000THB
Location Thailand,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Silom (Bangkok),Location

Programmer ID:44908

Job Description - Create project schedule and manage the project to meet the target and expected results
- Study business process and confirm project requirements by designing technical specifications, reviewing program objectives, input and output data requirements with IT subsidiaries and users
- Develop and analyse programs to meet user requirements
- Prepare business workflow and program flow chart
- Execute the unit test and integration testing
- Create documents and user manuals relating to software development process
- Provide training for users to use the developed programs effectively
- Support users to find the root cause and fix problems relating to the developed programs
- Develop and monitor the performance level of software and hardware
- Evaluate, recommend and propose alternative methods of information processing
- Maintain historical records by documenting system change and revision
- Responsible for daily operational activities of infrastructure administration, support and maintenance
- Responsible for setup, management and maintenance of IT-related equipment
- Responsible for the installation, implementation and troubleshooting of computer system
- Support end-users in IT-related problems in a responsive and service-oriented manner
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 25-40
- Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or relevant discipline
- More than one year's proven experience as Programmer or relevant role
- Proficient in creating programs and queries in languages such as SQL, VB, Excel Macro, etc.
- Ability to create web programming using tools such as CSS, HTML5, PHP, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C# etc.
- Ability to create reports using Crystal Report and related tools
- Excellent knowledge of relational databases, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL
- Basic knowledge of network infrastructure, Windows Server, PC & Equipment (or related)
- Detail-oriented and excellent concentration
- Having analytical mindset and critical thinking
- Ability to focus on multiple projects at once and to troubleshoot problems quickly
- Demonstrable ability to discover and fix errors in code
- Able to travel and work in the upcountry and abroad
Salary Monthly Salary 30,000THB 〜 35,000THB
Location Thailand,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

Programmer (System Analyst) ID:45497

Job Description - Obtain and analyse user's requirements and create specification documents
- Design, develop and implement simple business application
- Develop DataSpider script
- Analyze business processes to suggest process improvements and develop factory within process
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 25-35
- Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Business Computer or related field
- More than 3-5 years' experience in Application Development or as a System Analyst
- DBMS knowledge of MySQL and SQL Server, DB maintenance and backup
- Good command of spoken and written English
- Proactive thinking with a "can do" attitude
- Strong problem-solving, service mind and ability to work under pressure
- Good interpersonal skills and ability to coordinate with other teams and clients
- Strong abilities to analyze and prioritize issues for problem resolution
Salary Monthly Salary 19,000THB 〜 40,000THB
Location Thailand,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

Programmer ID:45858

Job Description - Responsible for overall coordination for software implementation projects
- Design and develop web applications, mobile applications and software applications
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 25-35
- Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering or Computer Science
- Skills (or knowledge) in .Net and C#
- Highly responsibility and good teamwork skills
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000THB 〜 35,000THB
Location Thailand,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

Programmer (BTS Ekkamai) ID:32333

Job Description - Develop application in accordance with project and business requirements
- Develop and maintain software on Microsoft
- Develop and execute activities related to end-to-end process/customers
- Ensure code is fully commented and punctuality of delivery system
- Receive feedback about software system and support existing users
- Communicate closely with Japanese Manager
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 22-35
- New graduate is OK
- Experience in application development
- At least 2-3 years' experience as programmer is an advantage
- Able to use C# language for programming
Salary Monthly Salary 25,000THB 〜 50,000THB
Location Thailand,Bangkok ALL,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

バンコクでWebプログラマーライフを! ID:45974

Job Description 【JAVA, PHPプログラマーの方を募集します!!】
* PHP, JAVAのプログラミング言語を使っての開発業務
* 顧客は日系大手企業からタイ系企業まで。WEB siteの開発、システム開発など依頼は多岐に渡る。
* 開発メンバーはタイ人と日本人が10名程度。全体では20名の規模感の会社です。
* サーバーAWSでの構築のご依頼が近年増加しています。

Required Qualifications * 年齢不問
* 性別不問
* JAVA, PHP言語が使えること
* AWSサーバーについて知っていること
* 給与は年齢、経験によって考慮します。
Salary Monthly Salary 50,000THB 〜 70,000THB
Location Thailand,Bangkok ALL,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Silom (Bangkok),Location

Researcher ID:44977

Job Description - Create questionnaires, discuss guide, analyze and generate reports as research objectives
- Responsible for marketing research and project management
- Advise on business and marketing strategies for local market
- Develop company's service (research, online & offline and quantitative & qualitative)
- Expand and improve sales result for several industries
- Prepare quotations, samples, technical information or other documents for customers
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 24-30
- Bachelor's Degree or higher in Economics or Marketing
- Experience in data analysing by Microsoft Excel (SPSS is an advantage)
- Having background in Market Research
- Demonstrable experience in Market Research
- College students are welcome
- Good verbal and written command of English
- Ability to research, analyze, report and present research results
Salary Monthly Salary 18,000THB 〜 20,000THB
Location Thailand,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

Business Intelligence Development Manager ID:44687

Job Description - Control the system design (Business Intelligence) to meet user's requirements for specific purpose such as merchandise, sales operation, sales call centre, e-commerce sales, logistics, marketing, etc.
- Control and verify the correctness and accuracy of information prior to inputting into system (Business Intelligence)
- Organise the standard of information providing service for users' efficient business analysis
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 25-45
- Bachelor's Degree or higher in Computer Science, MIS, IT, Applied Statistics or related field
- More than 3 years' experience in designing and controlling projects such as Business Intelligence by OBIEE or SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS), Power BI, Power Pivot and/or Data Zen
- More than 3 years' experience in designing SSIS, SSRS, SQL Server
- Work experience in designing dashboard monitoring to analyse monitoring business performance
- Work experience in designing information organising system (master data management or data quality)
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000 〜 90,000
Location Thailand,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

システムエンジニア ID:45470

Job Description -プログラミング
Required Qualifications ‐大卒、男女問わず、28歳から45歳位まで
Salary Monthly Salary 60,000THB 〜 70,000THB
Location Thailand,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

【Skype面接歓迎!】若手社長とともにタイの製造業を支えるIT系インフラエンジニア ID:44415

Job Description タイへの日系企業進出が一巡する中、まだまだ人もサービスも足りないIT業界! 人手がとにかく足りないんです!
日本で身に着けた知識や技術を、若手社長/社員とともにタイで活かしてみませんか? 技術系営業での採用となる為、お仕事の幅はとても広いですが、異国の地で行うプレセールスやインフラ導入はきっとあなたに特別なやりがいを与えてくれるのではないでしょうか。

- 営業担当が別にいる為、職務内容は営業担当者に同行して行うプリセールスの他、
- ITインフラ、ハードウェア導入に伴う支援 (顧客の拠点における導入作業の監督/指示)
- ITインフラ、ハードウェア導入に向けた販路拡大や新規顧客発掘における技術的営業補佐
- 付随する業務 (社内-仕入れ先との日程調整/折衷業務等)

- ハード機器はほぼ全てのブランドを取り扱っております。
- Cisco製アクセスポイント+Controllerを利用した無線環境構築
- Windows 関連の構築業務 (Windows Server, Office 365 )
- Firewall導入、PC、仮想化構築
- IT保守(お客様のIT部署の代わりを担うサービス)
- 日本人顧客へのプロジェクト概要説明・進捗報告・検収処理
Required Qualifications - 27歳以上40歳以下の方
- 英語ビジネスレベル (タイ語スキル歓迎)
- ネットワーク/ハードウェア系の技術者経験もしくは知識がある方
- 普通自動車運転免許証 (基本的には運転手が付いた社用車で移動しますが、時折ご自身で運転頂きたい為)
Salary Monthly Salary 60,000THB 〜 90,000THB
Location Thailand,Bangkok ALL,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

System Engineer ID:45443

Job Description - Develop and maintain web-based system (SQL, HTML, PHP necessary)
- Develop and maintain existing operation system (SQL, JAVA coding experience are ideal, on-the-job training is provided)
- Support studio operations (mechanic repair, minor electrical works such as TV, AV, cabling, etc.)
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 23-35
- Bachelor's or Diploma Degree in IT
- More than one or two work year's experience (internship is counted as work experience)
- Able to communicate in English (reading and writing)
- Able to travel abroad for business and works
- Loving to learn new technology and to tackle challenges
- Loving Japanese food (we are cooking learning studio)
Salary Monthly Salary 25,000THB 〜 30,000THB
Location Thailand,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

Web Application Developer (PHP/SQL) ID:42148

Job Description - Develop web applications
- Manage and supervise five staff as a team leader
- Discuss the progress with Japanese manager
- Report to Japanese manager
- Provide training for Thai staff
Required Qualifications - Male or Female, Thai national, age between 25-35
- More than 4 years' experience in PHP/SQL
- Four years' work experience at the same company is preferable
- Fair command of English
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000THB 〜 60,000THB
Location Thailand,Sukhumvit (Bangkok),Location

All33 (1〜20 )