Sales Division ManagerID:61879

40,000 THB ~ 80,000 THBBTS (Silom Line), Rama III
  • Job Function

    Branding, Other, Store Sales, Sales Engineer, Sales Corporate, Customer Success, Product Planning, Sales Individual, Account Executive, Digital Marketing, Sales Distributor, Product Management, Store/Floor Manager, Business Development, Inventory Management

  • Industry


  • Job Description

    1. Plan, Present sales target and sales plans in each channel that is responsible;
    - Traditional Store in Department store
    - Pop up store
    - Website ,Online platform (shopee, lazada)
    2. Plan and present production plan by specifying of Mixed Product and Production schedule according to Seasonal Concept, Brand Concept by working with Design Department and Merchandising Department based on historical sales data, based on new product plans that are jointly planned
    3. Manage of inventory stock both from the warehouse and the stock products in front of the store in all sales channels
    4. Responsible for sales according to sales target, Negotiating sales areas, Marketing planning and Expenses such as GP, Various marketing with the department store and partners to achieve the goals and maximum benefits of the company.
    5. Plan to work with internal departments of the company that work with sales departments such as design department, purchasing department, MIS department, HR department, Accounting department, Warehouse department.
    6. Manage stores across the country by defining rules for managing stores, sales, and stock of products, Develop stores to increase sales performance, Control Product display according to the Brand Concept
    7. Manage and Develop of sales performance such as area manager, storefront sales staff in inventory management and efficiency in sales, Set sales target per person per head compared to the store's revenue and expenses.
    8. Analyze market data such as economic conditions, competitors, fashion trends, stores, production and sales in order to present guidelines to keep up with the situation.
    9. Meeting with supervisors and relevant department both inside and outside the company in formulating policies, planning and solving important issues thoroughly to all levels and tasks in the department
    10. Supervise and develop of teams to perform quality and efficient work in terms of sales, service
    11. Other tasks assigned by the supervisor

  • Requirement

    - Bachelor's degree or Master ‘s Degree in Business administration, Marketing, Management or related fields
    - At least 5 years of experience working in Sales management, Sales Manager, Sales Supervisor
    - Experience in retail business
    - Experience in sales online, store
    - Good command in English
    - Honesty, Diligent, Working as a team, Good interpersonal skills, Thoughtful, Negotiating and Can solve the problems as well

  • English Level

    Level 4 - Conversational Level

  • Other Language


  • Working Hour

    08:00 ~ 18:00

  • Holiday

    -Weekend (Sat-Sun)

  • Benefit

    - Social Security
    - Adjust salary every year
    - Bonus
    - AIA group life insurance
    - Compensation Fund
    - Annual travel seminars such as Walk Rally, annual party, etc.
    - Special discount products for employees 70%
    - Annual health check
    - Annual leave 6 days/year
    - Holidays
    - Money assistance for the event of a disaster
    - Award for 10 years of work
    - Funeral assistance for father-mother, spouse, children
    - Working Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
    - Others

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